Sales reps spend only 28% of their time selling because they are too busy following tedious and manual workflows, like keeping records or entering data.

But there's a better, a more productive way of doing sales. And there are plenty of tools out there helping you with that.

Sales productivity software essentially helps revenue teams increase their efficiency, so they can get more done in the same time frame.

But what are the best sales productivity tools out there?

We've handpicked 15 sales productivity tools that can help improve your team's sales efficiency in 2023.

For each tool, you’ll find a detailed overview of core features, how they contribute to selling more effectively and efficiently, their pricing, and which team sizes they suit best. We also looked at what customers are saying about each tool.

Upfront, here’s our list of the best sales productivity tools:

  1. Weflow: best for pipeline management, improving Salesforce data quality, and forecasting accuracy.
  2. Highspot: best for sales enablement.
  3. SalesLoft: best sales engagement.
  4. Orum: best for AI-powered dialing.
  5. Lavender: best for personalizing and enhancing your sales emails with the help of AI.
  6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: best for prospecting.
  7. Zoominfo: best for lead enrichment.
  8. Chili Piper: best for lead routing automation and scheduling.
  9. Demodesk: best for conducting interactive meetings.
  10. Gong: best for transcribing and analyzing sales calls automatically.
  11. PandaDoc: best for maintaining proposals.
  12. Vidyard: best for sales videos.
  13. Sendoso: best for e-gifting.
  14. DealHub: best for deal management.
  15. Otter: best for live note-taking of sales meetings.

By the way, we have dedicated an own article to sales efficiency - feel free to check it out after reading through our top sales productivity software picks.

But for now, let’s get started with the tools!

Why the right sales productivity tool is important

High-performing sales teams are 1.9 more likely to utilize sales tools for maximizing their sales efficiency and effectiveness. Why is that?

1. Prioritize sales reps' time and focus on moving deals forward.

Sales efficiency tools can reduce the amount of time required to close deals by streamlining the sales process at different stages of the sales pipeline.

For instance, sales reps can increase selling time by automating mundane tasks such as updating the pipeline and tracking activities.

Sales productivity tools also prevent context switching, which is detrimental to efficiency.

Bottom-line: the right sales productivity tools aggregate and simplify workflows, enabling more focus on actually moving (the important!) deals.

2. Manage the sales pipeline more effectively.

Sales productivity tools ideally improve not only sales efficiency, but also sales effectiveness. With the right sales productivity software, salespeople can easily see where each lead is in the sales process (i.e., improve pipeline visibility), what actions they need to take next, and when they need to follow up.

All without having to create complex reports.

Eventually, this helps sales teams stay organized and avoid losing track of important deals.

With the right tools in place, sales leaders can easily observe access productivity metrics and vital reports to timely identify and address friction in the pipeline, like a lack of opportunities in the pipeline, lengthy sales cycles, etc.

3. Improve sales communication.

Sales productivity tools not only streamline processes, but also communication (which is, arguably, a process itself).

They give actionable insights into winning communication strategies for your sales reps — both written and verbal, internall and externally.

Whether it is about sales collaboration, call analysis, or crafting the perfect cold email, sales efficiency tools can help you do these things, too.

The 15 Best Sales Productivity Tools by Category

We organized the list of tools into categories to help you quickly find the ones that are most suitable for your tasks. Let’s check them out.

1. Pipeline management — Weflow

The Unproductive Way:
Manually update all deals in a clunky Salesforce interface while bogging down in spreadsheets and open tabs, missing the right time to take action in a deal, and constantly switching between tools and tasks, therefore, undermining the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team.

The Productive Way:
Weflow's Revenue Execution Workspace is a powerful sales productivity tool that helps revenue teams take control of their sales pipeline. Connected to Salesforce, this tool tracks sales reps' activities like meetings, emails, notes, and tasks. This eliminates repetitive Salesforce busywork and empowers reps to save up to 5+ h/week in admin work, all while providing better pipeline visibility.

Other benefits include:

  • Weflow offers a modern notepad that automatically sync with Salesforce, saving sales reps time and making them more productive. You can also use templates (e.g., for your favorite sales methodology), which boost sales process compliance.
  • The combination of Weflow's web app and chrome extension avoids countless Salesforce tabs, endless page load times, and context switching.
  • Since Weflow helps getting more (and accurate) deal data into Salesforce, it improves sales forecasting accuracy beyond 92%.
  • Allows your team to run more efficient and better pipeline reviews, 1:1 meetings, weekly sales meetings, and handovers.

Best for:
From SMBs to Mid-Sized B2B companies that want to elevate pipeline management.

Best features:
Pipeline management for increased sales productivity, enhanced pipeline visibility, and better data accuracy.


  • You can use Weflow for free. Add to Chrome and boost your sales productivity now.
  • Paid plans start at $39 per user/month.

What customers think about Weflow:
With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on G2, customers are raving about the following:

“Weflow's user experience is comparable to updating a spreadsheet — as opposed to opening up tons of SFDC tabs to update every single contact, account, opportunity, or task. Those kinds of core to-dos are certainly important but truly cumbersome in Salesforce.”
— René Kiwitt, Senior Account Executive at Searchmetrics.
“Salesforce is clunky when it comes to updating data and it's a jungle, which results in reps not updating their data, and management can never fully trust it. Weflow improved our data quality score by approx. 20% within a short time (better management decisions), while setting free time for reps to spend prospecting.”
— Benjamin Beivers, Chief Revenue Officer at REMERGE

2. Sales enablement — Highspot


The Unproductive Way:
Sending out emails with large attachments and searching through mountains of content manually to locate and deliver relevant pieces during the sales process.

The Productive Way:
Highspot is a sales enablement tool that helps sales teams deliver the right content to buyers at the right time. This platform provides AI-driven tools to generate personalized presentations, track the effectiveness of content engagement, and measure sales rep performance.

Best for:
Enterprise-level and midsize businesses.

Best features:
Personalize presentations and track content usage. 

Highspot's pricing is not officially disclosed and they do not offer a free trial on their website. Reportedly, the average price for a user is $600/year.

What customers think about Highspot:
According to G2, Highspot has an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“The best part about Highspot is its ability to manage marketing materials and ensure they are always up-to-date. The site's search tool aids users in finding particular data. Thanks to Highspot's intelligent categorization and labeling, I've never "lost" a file. The content of our pitches has been fine-tuned. As a result, prospective clients will have a good experience with us.”
— Corey Egan, Sr. DMR Channel Account Manager at Kingston Technology

Alternatives: Seismic, Mindtickle.

3. Sales engagement — SalesLoft


The Unproductive Way:
Sales reps don’t know which interactions in the buyer’s journey move the needle most. Account executives follow their gut feeling rather than making data-driven decisions to find out which outbound sequence of research, emails, and calls is the most effective.

The Productive Way:
SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that allows sales teams to easily organize and track customer data, build relationships with prospects through automated pre-defined sequences of steps (cadences), and measure the effectiveness of their outreach.

Best for:
SMB and large companies.

Best features:
The customizable cadences and real-time tracking of sales activities to make informed decisions about how to optimize sales reps’ efforts.

The price varies from $125 – $165 per user/month, depending on the Salesloft plan that you go with.

What customers think about SalesLoft:
SalesLoft has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on G2, with many customers praising the platform’s ability to automate sales outreach and track customer engagement.

“Love the click-to-dial phone numbers, the ability to send one email to a large list of people. Team templates are great because our team prepares some templates for us all to use. Also, use snippets a lot more, which helps with email personalization.”
— Kaitlin Holliday, Inside Sales Rep at Articulate Global

Alternatives: Outreach, MixMax.

4. Dialers — Orum


The Unproductive Way:
Cold-calling prospects manually and waiting for them to pick up lifelong. Recording individual voicemails for each. All that is time-consuming and inefficient.

The Productive Way:
Orum is a sales dialer platform that enables sales teams to automate their outbound calling and increase sales productivity. This tool drops pre-recorded voicemails automatically, filters out bad numbers, and dials numbers in parallel.

Best for:
Sales teams of all sizes that are avid users of cold-calling techniques.

Best features:
A parallel dialer and auto voicemail drop.


  • Allows free trials of up to 500 free calls. 
  • Pricing is not disclosed.

What customers think about Orum:
G2 Rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars.

“We are making 3-5x the number of dials in a shorter period of time and have a lot more visibility into our outbound funnel than ever before.”
— Verified user from G2.

Alternatives: Nooks, PhoneBurner.

5. Cold emailing — Lavender


The Unproductive Way:
Sending out generic, flat boring, and rather annoying, cold emails in your outreach campaigns (and taking ages doing so!).

The Productive Way:
Lavender is a cold emailing tools that helps SDRs and BDRs determine the best approach for each lead. Powered by AI (and plenty of research on which cold email frameworks work), Lavender helps you craft the perfect cold email.

Best for:
SDRs and BDRs in small to large companies.

Best feature:
Cold email personalization.


  • A 7-day free trial with unlimited access.
  • A Free plan with limited features.
  • Paid plans start at $29/month.

What customers think about Lavender:
Lavender reaches a fantastic score of 4.9 out of 5 stars at G2. We can’t agree more with the rating, as we benefit from this tool ourselves.

“Since implementing Lavender across our SDR team, our response rate went up 4x, and our sequences are now bringing in 125% more meetings. The email grading tool is like a little personal email assistant available to all our reps every time they compose a one-off email.”
— Katie Penner, SDR at Sendoso.


6. Prospecting — LinkedIn Sales Navigator


The Unproductive Way:
Sales reps manually research prospects online and get lost trying to find the right person to contact.

The Productive Way:
LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed to help sales reps find qualified prospects and identify decision-makers at target companies. With Sales Navigator’s advanced filters, you can find leads in no time and stay informed on each prospect’s latest updates to reach out at the right time.

Best for:
All types of B2B companies.

Best feature:
Advanced filters to efficiently narrow down the search for promising leads.

The Professional plan starts at $64.99 per month, while the Team plan starts at $103.33 per month. Sometimes LinkedIn offers free 30-day trials to first-time users.

What customers think about Sales Navigator:
The tool hits a G2 score of 4.3 out of 5. However, we give it 5 stars as it’s hard to imagine prospecting without Sales Navigator.

“The filters for role and list saving help me identify the most qualified individuals to contact and qualify, which is extremely useful when acquiring insight into histories and relationships.”
— Pat Doran, eCommerce Sales Manager at CPG.IO

Alternatives: Lusha,

7. Lead enrichment — ZoomInfo


The Unproductive Way:
Sales reps spend hours manually checking each lead's details, gathering bits of information all over the web before reaching out.

The Productive Way:
ZoomInfo is a lead enrichment platform that helps sales teams quickly identify key prospects, gather complete contact information and getting intent data to increase sales productivity. It offers features that let you find contacts’ titles, roles, emails, phone numbers, decision-makers, and more within minutes. 

Best for:
Enterprise B2B sales teams and midsize companies.

Best features:
The most accurate and large database of contacts, buying intent signals, and AI-matching with your best customers to unlock new similar opportunities.

ZoomInfo doesn’t provide public pricing; you have to fill in a form to get a custom quote. Nevertheless, they offer a free trial after a demo. Reportedly, Zomminfo's annual price starts at $14,995.

What customers think about ZoomInfo:
This beast scores 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2 within 6,280+ reviews.

“You can quickly learn everything about the companies you are targeting. You can identify the best people to contact, see the track of whether they are adding people or laying people off, see what solutions they are using in their technology stack, and if there are upcoming opportunities that are a fit for your products and services.”
— Philip Wildstein, Director of Business Development at Neptune Software

Alternatives: Cognism, Lusha,

8. Scheduling — Chili Piper


The Unproductive Way:
Revenue teams spend hours sending emails back and forth with prospects to book, confirm, and reschedule meetings. 

The Productive Way:
Chili Piper is an automated scheduling platform for booking and managing appointments via automatic follow-up emails, personalized calendar links, and text reminders. These features enable sales reps to increase their meeting conversion rate and save time they can use to work on other tasks. 

Best for:
B2B companies of any size.

Best feature:
Automated workflows to streamline the scheduling process.

Chili Piper offers four plans for different sales purposes with a starting cost of $22.50 per user/month.

What customers think about Chili Piper: 
G2 Rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars, according to 632 reviews from real customers.

"The best solution I've found for minimizing the drop off from demo request to meeting booked!"
— Conrad Davenport, Head of Digital Marketing at Rockerbox

Alternatives: Calendly, MixMax.

9. Demo-ing — Demodesk


The Unproductive Way:
Revenue teams conduct humdrum demos using tools like Zoom or Google Meets. Customers can’t engage with the product during a demo unless they leave a meeting or hop between apps.

The Productive Way:
Demodesk is a sales acceleration platform that helps salespeople give engaging and enticing demos and increase sales effectiveness by 30%. It offers tools to set up interactive product walkthroughs, capture customer insights, and share control of your screen, so your prospects can navigate the product in real time!

Best for:
Small and medium businesses and large companies. 

Best features:
Screen sharing and the ability to capture customer insights during demos.


  • A 7-day free trial is available.
  • Paid plans start at €29 per user/month.

What customers think about Demodesk: 
The tool hits a 4.6 out of 5 score on G2.

“In the meeting, the "share control" feature is fantastic when you demo a SaaS product like ours. I usually share the control in the walk-through of our product, and allow the prospects to click and write, as it makes them remember our product better than my competitors.”
— Daniel Jill Sorensen, CEO & Co-owner of 2People

Alternative: Zoom.

10. Sales intelligence — Gong


The Unproductive Way:
Putting in a mountain of time to listen to sales reps' recordings to elicit patterns.

The Productive Way:
Gong is a sales intelligence tool powered by AI for auto-recording and analyzing customer conversations. With its tools, revenue teams gain insights into winning and losing clients' conversations and tailor their approach accordingly.

Best for:
Sales teams that need to quickly get insights from customer conversations.

Best feature:
Auto-recording and analyzing customer conversations via video calls and phone calls.

The final price depends on the number of users and features you need. You’ll also pay an extra fee per recorded user. As of 2022, Gong pricing is $5,000 (base price) up to 49 users + $1,600 per user per year, billed annually.

What customers think about Gong:
Gong hits an astonishing score of 4.7 out of 5 on G2 among 4,865 reviews. Reportedly, Proposify cut their sales cycle in half and got a 7% increase in close rates with Gong. 

“I love the recording feature with highly detailed search and transcript capability. It helped me prepare for demos by watching my colleagues' calls and learning from what works for them. Especially being in a remote setting, I found Gong helpful to ramp up my training and learning more quickly.”
— Caroline Bass, Account Executive at NoRedInc

Alternative: Chorus.

11. Proposals — PandaDoc


The Unproductive Way:
Writing proposals from scratch every time, sending and tracking them manually, and getting lost in the paperwork.

The Productive Way:
PandaDoc offers tools for professionals to quickly create proposals and contracts and sign them electronically 40% faster. With this tool, you can also keep track of activity and follow up with customers easily. 

Best for:
Professionals who need tools to create, monitor, and sign documents quickly from individuals to enterprises.

Best feature:
Automatically generated documents that you can customize with your branding. 


  • A 14-day free trial.
  • A free plan with unlimited legally binding eSignatures.
  • Paid plans with extended features start at $29 user/month.

What customers think about PandaDoc: 
PandaDoc is a fall 2022 leader within mid-market companies that scores 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2.

"PandaDoc is a must-have proposal and e-signature platform. You can integrate images, videos, and payments within your proposal, contract, or scoping contract. It also integrates with SalesForce, HubSpot, and image design giant Canva. Stripe integration provides a seamless way to finalize a contract and receive payment at the same time.”
— Sabrina Kinckle, Managing Partner at Kelbree Business Consulting

Alternatives: DocuSign, eSign.

12. Sales videos — Vidyard


The Unproductive Way:
Trying to grab the customers' attention with long-form emails or sales presentations instead of engaging video content.

The Productive Way:
Vidyard helps you create engaging, personalized sales videos quickly and easily. With tools to track the viewer’s engagement and gather customer insights, you can tailor your video content to pique the customers’ interest and close more deals. You can also analyze which reps are most effectively using video to close deals.

Best for:
Revenue teams who need tools to create enticing sales videos and track viewers’ engagement. 

Best feature:
Ability to track viewers’ engagement and gather prospect insights. 


  • A free plan of up to 25 videos in your library.
  • A 14-day trial for premium features.
  • Paid plans start at $19 (billed annually at $228) or monthly at $29.

What customers think about Vidyard: 
529+ customers give Vidyard 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.

"An AMAZING way to get in front of prospects! Creating a quick, relevant video message with an attention-grabbing thumbnail is a brilliant way to get engagement with projects.”
— Mollie Bracken, BDR at Percona

Alternatives: Loom, Wistia.

13. Gifting — Sendoso


The Unproductive Way:
Spending days and nights, scratching your head of what gift box to send this time to your prospects or customers. Practicing calligraphy to sign thank-you notes to customers. 

The Productive Way:
With Sendoso, you can easily customize gifts according to the prospect's preferences, track your gifting campaigns, deliver globally, and measure their success. The Sendoso team will handle all of that and even handwritten notes!

Best for:
Companies who need tools to quickly and easily send gifts to their prospects, customers, and employees for different occasions. From small to midsize, enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

Best feature:
Branded swag and fully customizable eGifts and physical goods. 

Four bundles are available at custom pricing. Request a demo to get a quote but be ready to pay $20,000/year minimum for the platform and $29 per month/user, billed annually.

What customers think about Sendoso:
Customers grant 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.

"Sendoso is a must-have for ABM and Campaigns Marketing. Sendoso has helped elevate our ABM program by offering personalized, thoughtful, and timely demand-generation campaigns for brand awareness, pipeline development, and deal velocity.”
— Colleen Jackson, ABM Leader at Anaplan

Alternatives: Reachdesk, Snackmagic.

14. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) — DealHub


The Unproductive Way:
Manually configuring quotes and proposals takes time, is prone to mistakes, and doesn’t capture customer preferences. 

The Productive Way:
DealHub’s CPQ tools empower you to quickly configure, price, and quote products or services. It helps you save time by automatically pulling pricing from your back-end tools and amplifies sales by customizing quotes based on customer preferences. 

Best for:
From midsize to enterprise B2B companies.

Best feature:
Generate error-free quotes in any branded format with the CPQ tool.

Not disclosed. Get a custom quote by contacting the sales team.

What customers think about DealHub: 
The G2 Rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

“Best overall CPQ software. With having to work with an outside consultant, salesforce CPQ would be at least 3x the price of Dealhub, and in my opinion, Dealhub is a better product.”
— Amy Tesar, Director of Revenue Operations at ONSITEIQ.

Alternatives: PandaDoc, Proposify.

15. Sales meeting transcriptions —


The Unproductive Way:
Manual transcription of sales calls takes days and leaves a lot of room for mistakes. 

The Productive Way: does the hard work for you. It automatically generates meeting transcripts and highlights, thus saving reps time and allowing for improving your sales process. 

Best for:
Individuals, SMB revenue teams, and large companies.

Best feature:
Automatically generates sales call or online meeting summaries and provides highlights. 


  • A forever-free Basic plan of up to 300 monthly transcription minutes, 30 minutes per conversation.
  • Paid plans start at $16,99 monthly.

What customers think about 
104+ customers score Otter 4.1 out of 5 on G2.

"The best dictation and automated transcription app out there. The AI aspect can type out my southern mumble mouth. I never edit nor correct it. It does that over time.”
— Law Smith, President of Tocobaga

Alternative: Airgram.

Improve Sales Productivity and Drive More Revenue with the Right Toolkit

Sales productivity tools help sales teams be more effective and save time by automating processes like proposal creation, writing highly-converting emails, gifting, CPQ, and sales meeting transcriptions.

Such tools are designed to streamline processes, increase accuracy, and better engage customers, so revenue teams can optimize their sales performance and achieve better results.

Tip: It does not always need external Sales productivity tools. For instance, if you use Salesforce, you can use SFDC's native Salesforce Automation Tools to boost workflow productivity.

15 Best Sales Productivity Tools in 2023

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January 25, 2023
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