Fuzzy forecasts? Bloated pipelines? Poor Salesforce data?

Running an efficient, repeatable, and predictable revenue process is hard.

Selling without Weflow
Salesforce adoption is low
Salesforce updates are time-consuming
Salesforce data quality is poor
Pipeline health is a black box
Forecasts are unreliable
Selling with Weflow
Rep workflows auto-sync to Salesforce
Fast & easy Salesforce updates
Reliable & timely data in Salesforce
Complete pipeline visibility
85%+ forecasting accuracy

The Revenue Execution Workspace

From discovery, closed-won to expansion, Weflow boosts rep efficiency, pipeline visibility, and forecasting accuracy.

Loved by revenue professionals around the world

Sales Productivity

More time for revenue

Weflow is the fastest way to update Salesforce, convert pipeline, and get work done to drive revenue.

Automate Salesforce activity capture to improve data quality, and reps efficiency. Increases selling time of each rep by >14%.

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Deal Execution & Pipeline Management

Use deal signals to stop revenue leaks

Weflow’s pipeline management provides deal insights, alerts, and signals to keep your deals on track.

Gain complete visibility into risks, next steps, and activities to help guide reps to closed-won. Reps increase win rate by 11-16% using Weflow.

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Pipeline Management & Forecasting

Forecast your pipeline with confidence

Weflow enables managers to inspect pipeline health quickly and makes it easy for reps to forecast with confidence.

Weflow customers achieve 92% forecasting accuracy improving Salesforce data quality, and process compliance.

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Revenue Operations & Sales Process Compliance

Improve Salesforce
data hygiene

Weflow auto syncs rep activity to Salesforce - from pipeline inline edits, meeting notes, activity logs, chatter, to email logging.

Field dependencies, validation rules, custom flows, and user permissions work out-of-the-box.

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The Revenue Execution Workspace

Weflow helps Revenue Leaders drive efficient revenue growth

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"Without Weflow’s product and the Weflow team, we wouldn’t have had insights and decision-making confidence we needed to enable the significant growth we had in 2021."

Benjamin B.
Chief Revenue Officer

Weflow helps Revenue Leaders drive efficient revenue growth

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Benjamin B.
Chief Revenue Officer

Weflow helps Revenue Leaders drive efficient revenue growth

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"It got way simpler and faster for reps to change fields everywhere, it's like working in a spreadsheet. It's intuitive and reps and managers can easily create custom views."

Benjamin Beivers
Chief Revenue Officer at Remerge

Learn how Weflow helps RevOps improve Salesforce data quality

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"The notepad is awesome as it helps us to structure discovery & qualification calls with shared note templates, and allows us to log activities and update fields - a real game-changer."

Michael Jaeger
Managing Director at Cremanski & Company

Learn how Weflow helps Account Executives hit quota

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"I was blown away by the amount of time I now have outside of Salesforce. I go in, get my accounts updated and get back to work. No more clicking around SFDC to log information and wasting my time! Thanks Weflow!"

Charlotte Vaquier
Account Executive at Remerge

Learn how Weflow helps Customer Success grow their accounts

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"With Weflow, our team is getting full customer data inside Salesforce during handovers. That's helping us level up our customer relationships!"

Judith Elsen
Head of Customer Success at elopage