Don’t let Salesforce
slow you down

The fastest way to update Salesforce. Manage your pipeline, notes, tasks & activity timeline using Weflow's fast and intuitive revenue workspace.

Cure Salesforce fatigue with Weflow

Salesforce is a great system of record but it’s not productive for daily use. From sales teams to leadership, everyone suffers.


Updating SFDC takes too much time
User interface is slow to load & hard to use


Notes & tasks are recorded out of SFDC
Sales pipeline updates happen infrequently

Poor data

Prospect data rarely makes it into SFDC
Untimely & incomplete pipeline data

Missing insights
& forecasts

Revenue gets lost due to missing signals
Forecasting becomes inaccurate

Save time, close more

Combine Weflow's Revenue Workspace on top of Salesforce's powerful database to level up your sales productivity, data hygiene and revenue.

Update Salesforce without using its interface

Weflow combines your pipeline,
tasks, notes, calendar, and activity timeline in a fast & intuitive interface to make one click updates to SFDC.

Reduce time spent on tab switching, clicking around and logging information in Salesforce, so you can focus on selling.

Stay organized,
convert your pipeline

Use our simple task manager, intuitive notepad and custom pipeline views to manage your time and stay on top of your most important deals.

Discover insights to prioritize deals most likely to be won

Weflow helps you get insights to allocate time towards deals with highest likelihood to close and leverage deal signals to outperform your sales quota.

Get complete, accurate & timely data in Salesforce

Don’t you hate the “did you update Salesforce” conversation? Weflow improves data quality to help you focus on levelling up your team, sales operations, reporting and forecasting.

"I was blown away by the amount of time I now have outside of Salesforce. I go in, get my accounts updated and get back to work. No more clicking around SFDC to log information and wasting my time! Thanks Weflow!"

Charlotte Vaquier
Account Executive at Remerge

"Weflow gives us better pipeline visibility which helps maintain high close rates throughout our sales process inside Salesforce vs what we'd get without it. 5/5!"

Ben Beivers
Chief Revenue Officer at Remerge

"We're taking better revenue decisions because of the clean and reliable customer data inside Salesforce now."

Andreas Bodczek
CEO at IDnow

"With Weflow, our team is getting full customer data inside Salesforce during handovers. That's helping us level up our customer relationships!"

Judith Elsen
Head of Customer Success at Foursource

"Everyone on our sales team happily uses Weflow which ensures all data is recorded timely inside SFDC. That alone resolves majority of our data quality issues!"

Christian Eggert
CEO & Co-founder at Back

Your Salesforce data is protected

We understand your Salesforce data is sensitive and extremely valuable. That’s why we don’t store your Salesforce data and apply Enterprise-grade security to ensure your data is safe.

Sign in withSalesforce
(with 2FA)
Data is never at rest, always in transit with bank-grade encryption
No Salesforce data is stored on Weflow's servers
Access to Salesforce records is controlled by your permissions
See our security page

Win together as a Revenue Team

We built Weflow to empower everyone on the Revenue Team.

Account Executives

Save time, outperform quota

Revenue Operations

Complete, accurate and timely data inside SFCD

Revenue Leaders

Forecast better, scale revenues faster

Customer Success

Effortless customer handovers with complete data