Your Salesforce data is safe

The security of your data is at the core of our business. With automated processes, third-party auditing, and strict guidelines, we ensure that your data stays safe, always.

You own & keep your data. We don't store your SFDC data.

We will never sell or try to monetize your data. Ever.

Sign in using the secure Salesforce SSO & 2FA.

Fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.

Network data is encrypted using

& Authentication

Keep your Salesforce account secure by signing in with Salesforce (SSO)
2-factor authentification with Salesforce SSO
Access is based on your Salesforce permissions
You own your data, Weflow only accesses your Salesforce data on-demand but does not store it

Hosting & Data Security

Our applications run on European AWS servers
We use the AWS backup services to reduce any risk of data loss
Network data is encrypted using TLS/SSL
You can review Amazon’s Security Center for more detailed information on how they maintain a highly robust security system developed and manages by best-in-class security leaders

Data Privacy

Weflow will never sell or monetize your data, ever
As a European company, we are fully GDPR compliant
Weflow is compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)


We perform regular access reviews of all sensitive systems
Team members are trained and coached in following the latest security best practices
Access is limited to authorized team members

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