Pipeline Management

Inflated pipelines, poor visibility?

Run 1:1s and weekly sales meetings like never before. Quickly understand where deals stand, and which ones will close.

Weflow gives you tools to inspect and drill-down faster to focus your team on winnable deals.

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Weflow automatically calculates your business metrics.

Drill down into each deal quicker than ever before.

Auto-track rep activities to understand what wins deals.

Sales Productivity

Poor pipeline visibility?

Say good-bye to inflated pipeline reports with no actionable insights.

Weflow enhances your pipeline, so you can easily drill-down into every deal and account. See metrics customized for your business and measure performance against your goals.

Deal Execution & Pipeline Management

Focus on activities to close

Every activity is a step that moves your deals towards closing.

Weflow auto-tracks your rep’s actions like emails, meetings, calls and notes to calculate conversion rates and provides real time reports to check if you and your team are on track.

Pipeline Management & Forecasting

What drives business outcome?

Buyer behaviour is always changing. Get ahead by understanding your sales cycle and improve it constantly.

Weflow let’s you review your pipeline process, monitor metrics carefully and deploy new best practices quickly across the entire organization.

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