Why we founded Weflow

Sales is a tough role. It’s demanding and stressful. If you don’t perform, you’re out. 

On top of that, salespeople are expected to perform routine non-selling activities (like logging information) in Salesforce - the world’s leading CRM that’s a powerful system of record, but not built for daily use by salespeople. Those non-selling activities end up being incredibly time consuming.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, a disturbing trend emerged that we call “Salesforce fatigue”.

It’s the fatigue that sets in when simple CRM activities take forever and brings in more mental load:

We experienced it in many sales organizations we worked in, we’ve seen it with many of our peers and we see it with a lot of our customers that we speak with.

What this leads to is lost time, lost deals, poor data hygiene, unreliable forecasts and even more mental load on a role that’s already tough. Not just the salespeople, everyone in the sales team (including sales leaders and ops) suffers.

Inspired by apps such as Asana, Apple Notes, Notion, and Google Sheets, we set out to cure “Salesforce fatigue” by providing a workspace where logging and finding information inside Salesforce is fast and easy.

We built Weflow to help salespeople focus on what matters - like moving deals forward - instead of spending time doing Salesforce admin work. Our mission is to make salespeople succeed.

Weflow is a fast way to update Salesforce, take quick notes, log activities and manage your pipeline. On top of that, we surface insights to move deals forward and close more.

We hope you join our journey.

Our team

Our founders Henrik & Janis first met when Fyber (founded by Janis) acquired Falk Realtime (founded by Henrik) and spent years building B2B technology companies and leading revenue teams together.

Over time, we teamed up with a few wonderful people who could best be described as curious, proactive, experienced, driven, pragmatic, and passionate about their craft. We're spread all over the world.

🇩🇪 Daniel
🇧🇪 Guillaume
🇩🇪 Henrik
🇩🇪 Janis
🇧🇾 Ksenia
🇺🇸 Landon
🇩🇪 Philipp
🇰🇷 Roland
🇵🇰 Sarah
🇱🇺 Stefano

How we're building Weflow

Our guiding principles to achieve our mission:


We believe remote-first will change the planet for the better as it's inclusive for talent around the globe, flexible in terms of work setups, and time efficient as commuting and business travel is reduced.

Master your craft

People with a passion for their craft are happier, that's why we encourage curiosity, learning, and growth.

Good people win

We think good people win by having integrity, less ego, and playing well in teams. We assume good intent.

Teams are magical

We work in modern teams which are autonomous, cross-functional, purpose-driven, trustworthy, and well-sized. We believe strong teams can achieve better outcomes than individuals alone.


Proactive people with a founder-mindset have the drive, energy and focus to achieve world-changing outcomes. People at Weflow take ownership, are accountable, make decisions, focus with flow time, are pragmatic, make mistakes and learn from them. Just do it. Don't ask for permission.

Our investors

Filip Dames
General Partner at Cherry Ventures
Sascha Konietzke
Founder at Contentful
Alex & Eric
Founder at Soundcloud
Andreas Bodczek
CEO at IDNow
Rodrigo Martinez
Partner at helloworld.vc
Philipp Moehring
Partner at Tiny.VC

Join us

We're looking for passionate people who want to build a culture that lasts. We value flat hierarchies, cross-functional teams, clear communication, and full ownerships and responsibility.