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10 Best Sales Chrome Extensions in 2023

#1 rated Chrome Extension for sales teams.
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If your sales team is bogged down with repetitive and time-consuming busy work, they can’t perform up to their real capabilities. We put together this list of top sales Chrome extensions to give you more resources that will help your sales reps succeed.

Sales professionals want to spend most of their time selling. Realistically, though, there are a lot of necessary tasks that eat away at productive time.

Think about how much of a sales team’s day gets used for things like updating contact details, adding notes to prospect profiles, emailing back and forth to schedule meetings, and digging around in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Each of these to-dos takes just a few minutes, but when you do them over and over, those minutes quickly add up to hours.

That’s where the right sales tools can make the biggest difference.

By choosing the right Google Chrome extensions for sales, you can automate much of that repetitive work and free your team to focus on what they do best — selling to prospects.

Let’s take a look at the top sales Chrome extensions available in 2023.

1. Weflow

Weflow homepage screenshot frame

For teams that use Salesforce, the Weflow Chrome extension is a must-have. It auto-syncs to Salesforce to keep your pipeline up-to-date without manual data entry.

With Weflow, your sales reps can sync their notes, log emails, and update their pipeline without switching tabs. This will quickly become one of your team’s most-used sales productivity tools.

This Chrome extension is also a great remedy for your data quality issues. Use Weflow templates to qualify deals, structure meetings, and capture data in real-time. That clean data syncs back to Salesforce, and your sales reps can move on to the next item in their built-in task manager.

Weflow is also available as a web app.

Looking for a free tool that helps your small team save time? Choose Weflow’s free plan. It’s $0.00 forever for up to 5 users, and it syncs with Salesforce out-of-the-box to update notes and manage your pipeline.

Larger teams that want to boost their sales performance should consider either the Team plan at $39 per user per month or the Business plan at $59 per user per month.

The Team plan works for an unlimited number of users and includes more productivity-boosting features like note templates, the ability to update Salesforce fields in notes, and group-by reports.

The Business plan is a powerful tool for RevOps and sales leaders who want to enable their teams to do more. You’ll get email logging, Salesforce custom objects, deal signals, and much more to help you optimize sales prospecting and performance.

The top Chrome extension for Salesforce teams

2. Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect screenshot

Finding the right company email addresses for your prospects is simpler and faster with the Clearbit Connect Chrome extension.

This sales prospecting tool uses verified data to find up-to-date content information for your ideal prospects. Plus, set up your ideal customer profile and let Clearbit Connect help you instantly qualify those potential contacts so you can prioritize your time better.

Use this extension within a company website to quickly find the contact details you want, and open the extension from Gmail to find contact information when you’re ready to schedule emails.

3. Datanyze

Datanyze screenshot

For teams that do B2B sales prospecting on LinkedIn, Datanyze can save a lot of time and effort. 

It automatically finds relevant contact information on LinkedIn profiles and associated company websites to give you accurate email addresses and direct phone numbers for your top prospects.

Instead of focusing on individual contacts alone, Datanyze can give you a list of potential prospects at your target company. It’s an excellent productivity tool for faster B2B sales prospecting.

4. screenshot

Like Clearbit Connect and Datanyze, helps you find up-to-date prospect information. However, this Chrome extension can also do more for your sales team.

Apollo’s Google calendar integration gives you access to prospect data from within your meeting scheduler, and you can log meeting notes directly from your calendar without needing to switch apps.

The Gmail integration helps with automated personal outreach by placing prospects in follow-up sequences with scheduled emails, automatically filling in commonly used text and links, and enabling advanced tracking on your messages.

Plus, Apollo integrates with Salesforce so that you can combine your Apollo data with your existing Salesforce instance.

5. Free Email Tracker by Saleshandy

Saleshandy landing page screenshot

Sales professionals that use Gmail for communication will appreciate the extra visibility they get from the Free Email Tracker by Saleshandy.

The Email Tracker is a free sales tool that powers up Gmail. You get email scheduling capabilities, smart email templates, automated follow-ups, and the ability to export analytics with mail merge.

Unlike other free email tools, Saleshandy’s Free Email Tracker doesn’t add a signature to your outgoing emails.

6. Lavender

Lavender screenshot

Speaking of writing emails, Lavender’s Chrome extension is an excellent AI-powered tool to help you craft more effective messages.

Lavender is specially designed for salespeople. It uses linguistic AI and social data to suggest ways to make your emails more thoughtful and effective.

This extension is a unique tool that uses real data to help your sales reps figure out what to say and how to say it.

7. Crystal

Crystal screenshot

Your adaptive selling strategy will also get a boost from the Crystal Chrome extension.

As your sales professionals email, message, and book meetings with prospects, Crystal predicts prospects’ personalities and preferences, and generates insights to help guide the sales process.

Crystal can help suggest appropriate tone, greetings, value propositions, and more while you craft emails in Gmail or Outlook.

From there, use Crystal’s insights to prepare for calls, meetings, and demos that suit a prospect’s personality.

8. Vidyard

Vidyard screenshot

The Vidyard Chrome extension is a screen and webcam recorder specifically designed for sales professionals.

Once you record your video, it’s easy to share the link through whatever communication tool you prefer. You can even embed videos on your website or share them on social media. 

You’ll get a notification when someone opens and watches a video so you can track whether your prospects are engaging.

Plus, Vidyard lets you manage all of your video recordings as a team. Instead of uploading your recordings into a storage solution like Google Drive, you can view your entire sales team’s library and performance directly from Vidyard.

9. BombBomb Video

BombBomb screenshot

The BombBomb Video Chrome extension is another top option for video and webcam recording for sales teams.

Record your screen, your webcam, or both. After you create your recording, BombBomb makes it easy to add an in-video call-to-action wherever you’d like. 

Share videos as links or embed them on a webpage. Your prospect will see a 3-second animated preview for videos sent in emails.

Once your video is shared, view advanced tracking metrics like emails open, length of time played, and links clicked. Recipients can comment on videos or even respond with their own video in return.

10. Chili Piper

Chili Piper screenshot

For a sales-focused meeting scheduler, check out the Chili Piper Chrome extension.

Instant Booker by Chili Piper makes it fast and easy to schedule meetings with prospects or teammates. Either send an email with suggested times for the prospect to book or book directly from Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach, or the other tools you use to manage your schedule.

This extension is handy for handoffs, too, since you can schedule on behalf of someone else.

Meeting details, including no-shows and reschedules, are automatically timestamped and updated in your CRM.

Boost productivity with these sales Chrome extensions

Top-performing sales teams know how to cut out waste and prioritize work that moves the needle. Choosing the right technology is a big part of that strategy.

As you look at our list of the best Chrome extensions, consider where your sales reps are currently spending the most time. Focus on sales tools that address those specific concerns, and you’ll create the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.

Bookmark this post so that you can come back to it when you’re ready to add a new tool to your sales tech stack.

The top Chrome extension for Salesforce teams
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