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Improve Salesforce hygiene, pipeline visibility, and forecast accuracy.
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17 Inside Sales Tools for 2023

Improve Salesforce hygiene, pipeline visibility, and forecast accuracy.
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Looking for tools to help improve your inside sales team’s performance? You’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 17 inside sales tools available in 2023.

What are inside sales tools?

Inside sales tools are software solutions designed to streamline sales processes and save time for inside sales teams.

They include CRM, sales intelligence, sales engagement, sales productivity, and scheduling and routing tools. 

Benefits of using inside sales tools

There are many benefits of using an inside sales tool, including:

  • Saving time – These types of tools can help reduce the time spent on manual administrative tasks and completing tasks like pipeline updates in your CRM.
  • Improving productivity – Using inside sales software can result in increased efficiency, allowing reps to do more every day and close more deals faster.
  • Eliminating human error – Automating tasks with software can increase data input accuracy and improve overall data quality, which allows for better decision-making.
  • Speeding up the sales process – By streamlining activities such as sales outreach and CRM updates, inside sales tools help speed up the sales process.
  • Improving team collaboration – These tools can also make it easier for sales and revenue teams to work together in real-time by sharing files, tracking changes, and selling as a team.

Types of inside sales tools

There are different types of inside sales tools available. Some of the main categories include:

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

CRM software is commonly used by sales teams to store customer data, manage customer relationships, and track customer communications. It’s an essential sales management tool that is most effective when sales reps consistently enter and update data.

The more accurate and up-to-date the data is, the more effective the CRM is as a sales management tool.

Sales intelligence software

Sales intelligence software helps sales teams gain deeper insights into their prospects and their buying intent. This enables sales reps to use the right message with the right prospects to close more deals.

These types of tools can uncover a wide variety of insights on prospects, including contact information, company data, and more.

Sales engagement software

Sales engagement software enables sales professionals to automate sales outreach through email, phone, and SMS messaging.

These tools integrate with CRM solutions to sync outreach activity to your CRM and offer advanced analytics to help optimize sales outreach.

Sales productivity software

Sales productivity software optimizes selling time by automating routine administrative tasks like activity tracking and pipeline updates. Plus, sales productivity tools prevent context switching by combining and streamlining workflows so reps can spend more time selling.

Not only do sales productivity platforms increase sales efficiency and effectiveness, but they can also help provide better pipeline visibility. This makes it easier for salespeople to track leads in the sales process, recognize what step comes next, and know when to follow up.

Scheduling and lead routing software

Scheduling software streamlines the appointment scheduling process by eliminating lengthy back-and-forth email communication to find a suitable meeting time.

A scheduling app automates the process by allowing prospects to book directly through a link to the salesperson’s calendar. This saves a lot of time and aggravation for sales reps and prospects alike.

Lead routing software eliminates the manual, time-consuming (and potentially biased) spreadsheet lead distribution process. Using a lead routing tool is an efficient and effective way to assign and hand off leads to the best salesperson, shortening the time to close a deal.

1. Weflow

Weflow homepage screenshot

Weflow is designed to improve Salesforce data hygiene, boost sales process adoption, increase pipeline visibility, and improve rep efficiency and productivity.

The software allows you to instantly deploy best practices on top of your Salesforce CRM to make it easier for sellers to follow your sales process.

Weflow’s customizable pipeline views, templates, notes, and reminders help effortlessly guide sellers through the sales process without hesitation. This ensures salespeople never miss a step or detail.

The software can help you save 5 or more hours per week on pipeline updates alone without the frustrations of opening too many tabs or long page load times.

Reps can quickly update records, look up deal insights, log new activities, and automatically track calls, meetings, and emails.

Weflow’s note templates allow you to create and share notes for activities like discovery and qualification calls.

This ensures all essential information is captured and documented in Salesforce for a positive experience for customer success and customers during the handover process.

Weflow offers a free plan for up to 5 users that includes the following:

  • Creating and updating Salesforce records
  • Auto-syncing notes to Salesforce
  • Pipeline table and Kanban views
  • Updating Salesforce from any website
  • Task manager
  • Chrome extension

For more users and features, you can opt for one of the paid plans:

The Team plan is $39 per user per month (billed annually) and includes everything in the free plan plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited commenting
  • Note templates
  • Salesforce fields in notes
  • Shared table and Kanban views
  • Shared panel templates
  • Bulk editing
  • Group-by reports

The Business plan is $59 per user per month (billed annually) and includes everything in the Team plan plus:

  • Deal signals
  • Unlimited shared note templates
  • Unlimited shared panel templates
  • Unlimited shared pipeline views
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • Email logging
  • Salesforce custom objects
  • Admin console
Drive sales performance, process adherence, and forecast accuracy

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud landing page

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses sell smarter and faster by centralizing customer data, facilitating team collaboration, logging interactions, and automating various tasks.

It’s packed with features that help inside sales teams operate efficiently. You get sales automation tools, AI-powered forecasting, sales opportunity management, and detailed reporting.

Add-ons can make this platform even more powerful with options like CPQ management and sales engagement.

Since Salesforce is such a popular CRM solution, built-in integrations for many of the other tools you use are already included. This makes it easy to make Salesforce the foundation of your sales tech stack.

It’s available in four plans to suit your needs:

  • Essentials ($25/user/month) – Good for up to 10 users. This plan includes basic account, lead, and opportunity management with email integration into Gmail or Outlook.
  • Professional ($75/user/month) – Includes an unlimited number of users. Plus, you get pipeline management and forecasting.
  • Enterprise ($150/user/month) – Adds workflow and approval automation. This is a much more customizable plan, especially for large teams with complex processes.
  • Unlimited plan ($300/user/month) – The most comprehensive plan, which includes sales engagement metrics and insights, sales cycle intelligence, and premium customer support.

Salesforce offers a 30-day free trial regardless of which plan you select.

3. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot homepage screenshot

HubSpot Sales Hub is a popular sales software to help sales teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and more effectively manage their pipeline.

It’s a part of HubSpot’s suite of business software, which encompasses tools for sales and marketing teams, as well as customer success and operations teams.

It includes features like a sales CRM, sales engagement tools, quote and CPQ functionality, reporting, and analytics. Plus, it offers you the ability to easily integrate with a wide array of sales tools you may choose to add to your tech stack.

HubSpot Sales Hub is available in four plans:

  • Free – Includes contact management, deal pipeline, quotes, meeting scheduling, live chat, and a reporting dashboard.
  • Starter (Starting at $45/month) – Adds simple automation, goals, conversation routing, multiple currencies, and rep productivity performance.
  • Professional (Starting at $450/month)  Includes deal stage, task, and lead rotation automation, plus sequences, teams, custom reporting, and phone support.
  • Enterprise (Starting at $1,200/month) – Adds custom objects, predictive lead scoring, playbooks, forecasting, and recurring revenue tracking.

4. Close

Close homepage screenshot

The Close platform is an all-in-one CRM and includes features like calling, email, SMS, and reporting, so it’s a great match for any inside, outbound, or remote sales team. 

Plus, Close integrates with a wide variety of other sales tools to allow you to streamline your sales operations.

There are four paid Close plans, and all include a 14-day free trial. Here’s the plan breakdown:

  • Starter ($29/user/month) – Includes up to 2,500 leads and 4,000 contacts, email, phone, and SMS outreach from one central inbox, pipeline management, 5 custom fields, task management, reminders, notes, email and SMS templates, and pipeline and activity reporting.
  • Basic ($69/user/month) – Adds unlimited leads, contacts, and opportunities, plus custom activities, leaderboards, and more control over user permissions.
  • Professional ($99/user/month) – Everything in Basic, plus sales automation sequences, multiple pipelines, bulk email outreach, a power dialer, and call recording.
  • Business ($149/user/month) – Adds custom reporting, custom objects, call coaching, a predictive dialer, voicemail drops, custom roles and permissions, and a support service level agreement.

5. LeadSquared

LeadSquared screenshot

LeadSquared is a sales-execution CRM built to run high-velocity sales for fast-growing businesses. A few features that set the tool apart are end-to-end pipeline management, sales analytics, sales funnel management, and lead activity tracking. 

LeadSquared also offers marketing automation and reporting on the same platform to align sales and marketing teams.

It’s a great fit for inside sales teams because it automates sales tasks, sets up reminders, and is an omnichannel platform to contact leads via email, SMS, and calls. 

LeadSquared offers the following plans:

  • Lite ($25/user/month) – Includes complete lead and sale management, access to mobile CRM, activity tracking, and an API framework for 100+ integrations. 
  • Pro ($50/user/month) – Includes all the features of the Lite plan, along with email automation, lead distribution, territory management, sales performance reports, and webhooks.  
  • Super ($100/month/user) – A premium plan that includes the features of the Pro plan along with sales workflow automation, performance-based distribution of leads, permission templates, advanced reports, and developer platforms.  

Enterprise businesses can also choose the Ultimate plan with custom pricing based on their specific business requirements. You can reach out to the team at LeadSquared to request a free trial as well.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator landing page

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful prospecting tool that enables you to find, connect, and engage with prospects.

It makes it easy to gather detailed insights on prospects and provides advanced search capabilities and powerful tracking tools that help sales reps choose the right prospects and close more deals.

The top features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

  • Advanced search – Search using keywords in profiles, employment history, job titles, and locations to create targeted lists of prospects. Then, refine your search results with powerful filters. Alerts are sent when there are changes or activities related to saved accounts or contacts.
  • Engagement tracking – Receive notifications of who viewed your profile and what content they’ve engaged with, and learn when leads are active on LinkedIn.

There are three LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans:

  • Core ($79.99/user per month) – Includes unlimited search, saved searches, 50 InMail messages per month, advanced search, lead and account recommendations, custom lists, alerts, and notes.
  • Advanced ($131.25/user per month) – Adds TeamLink, giving you the ability to engage with your prospects and customers using your team’s network. Plus, this subscription adds advanced outreach, administrative reporting tools, and centralized billing.
  • Advanced Plus (pricing not available online) – Includes everything in Advanced, plus CRM sync to automatically capture and log all LinkedIn activity to your CRM.

7. ZoomInfo Sales OS

ZoomInfo homepage screenshot

ZoomInfo Sales OS is a popular lead enrichment platform, helping sales and revenue teams improve lead quality by filling in missing prospect information. ZoomInfo Sales OS offers a comprehensive database of company and contact information, plus advanced tools for data analysis and enrichment.

This platform’s main features include:

  • A large database One of the key features of ZoomInfo SalesOS is its extensive database of more than 65 million direct dial phone numbers and 150 million verified email addresses. This data is constantly updated and verified, so users have access to the most up-to-date information available.
  • Lead scoring and prioritization capabilities – Allows users to segment and score leads based on their likelihood of becoming customers by leveraging buyer intent data. This helps teams focus their efforts on the most promising leads.

ZoomInfo SalesOS offers three plans:

  • Professional – Includes comprehensive professional and company profiles, direct business and mobile phone numbers, plus verified email addresses, tailored prospect lists and alerts, and territory management filters based on ownership in CRM and marketing automation platforms.
  • Advanced – Adds location and hierarchy data, plus organizational charts, social media profile links, funding information, and tech adoption insights.
  • Elite – Includes everything in Advanced, plus real-time purchase intent signals, company attributes, and employee counts.

ZoomInfo doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly, so you’ll have to submit a request to get a custom quote. According to online sources, pricing starts at around $14,995 per year.

8. homepage screenshot is a sales intelligence platform that helps you find and reach potential buyers, build a robust pipeline, and streamline your sales workflow. The platform’s standout features include:

  • Data enrichment – Fills in gaps in prospect data, then automatically updates prospect information as it changes. The types of information include job title, company, email address, and phone number.
  • Email automation – Helps sales reps streamline their outreach process and boosts response rates. Customizable templates, tracking capabilities, and automated follow-ups allow reps to focus on email personalization.
  • LinkedIn Prospector Apollo’s free Chrome Extension makes it possible for reps to pull emails, phones, titles, and other prospect data right from LinkedIn. Then they can create lists of leads in or send them directly to your CRM. offers four plans:

  • Free – Includes two automated sequences, one buying intent topic, LinkedIn Chrome extension, up to 250 emails/day, email and meeting tracking, and a .CSV export feature.
  • Basic ($39/user per month) – Adds more record selections, unlimited sequence automation, uncapped sending limits, six buying intent topics, advanced filters, custom fields, opportunities, and email open and click tracking.
  • Professional ($79/user per month) – Includes everything in Basic, plus more records per selection, advanced pre-configured reports and dashboards, more intent filters, a dialer, and call recordings.
  • Custom (custom pricing) – Adds data enrichment, custom amount of intent topics, call transcripts, international dialing, local presence, customizable reports, permission profiles, and advanced API access.

9. Salesloft

Salesloft homepage screenshot

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that gives sales reps one place to execute all of their digital selling activities, communicate with buyers, and understand what to do next, boosting productivity and sales results.

Powerful automation tools, analytics, and playbooks enable reps to focus on building relationships with prospects and advancing deals through the pipeline.

Salesloft’s main features include:

  • Cadence and Automation – Pre-configured, customizable sales plays enable reps to start producing revenue more quickly as they learn. The ability to use and automate various contact methods, including phone and social media, further streamlines reps’ outreach efforts for greater efficiency.
  • Dialer and Messenger – The ability to click to call or text prospects from a computer or mobile device. Plus, this activity is automatically synced to your CRM, which is a huge timesaver that also boosts data quality.
  • Customizable email templates – Enable reps to send more personalized emails from the Salesloft platform.
  • Analytics and reporting – Insights like message responses, clicks, and views help reps fine-tune their messaging to boost results. Plus, sales team reporting provides deeper insights into your process, performance, and revenue results to guide adjustments to achieve greater results.

Salesloft offers three plans:

  • Essentials – Includes automated workflows, engagement analytics, and pipeline performance, plus rep coaching and tailored rep insights.
  • Advanced – Adds call recording, transcription, and analytics integrated into your sales reps’ workflow, plus deal intelligence and pipeline visibility from prospecting through conversion.
  • Premier – Includes everything in Advanced, plus automatic forecast roll-up, submission, and AI-driven next steps.

10. Outreach

Outreach homepage screenshot

Outreach is a sales engagement and productivity platform. It streamlines prospecting workflows and guides reps through sales playbooks.

The platform’s main features include:

  • Automated workflows – Allow you to streamline outreach and lead generation.
  • Analytics – AI-generated sales engagement insights guide reps through the sales process to shorten deal cycles.
  • Pre-configured playbooks – Proven sales playbooks based on best practices help reps attain their goals faster.

Outreach doesn’t list pricing for its plans publicly. You’ll need to contact the company to get a quote.

11. Nooks

Nooks homepage screenshot

Nooks is an AI-powered dialer that boosts collaboration and productivity while building pipelines faster. Its native video conferencing feature enables remote teams to see each other while dialing and feel like they’re working together in a physical office.

Top Nooks features include:

  • Powerful AI dialer – Enables reps to dial up to five lines simultaneously. AI detects and removes voicemails and bad phone numbers to increase the number of prospect conversations. Plus, call activity is automatically logged into your CRM.
  • 360-degree prospect view – Delivering essential prospect information allows reps to have more personalized and relevant conversations with prospects. This information includes emails, call history, account notes, prospect notes, and other details about each prospect.
  • Virtual bullpen – Allows salespeople to listen to their teammates’ calls live, hear background buzz like in an in-person office, and celebrate wins together. This makes it possible for reps to learn from one another in a virtual environment.
  • Real-time coaching – enables colleagues and coaches to join calls in progress to provide guidance during the call and feedback after the call is completed to boost rep performance.

Nooks doesn’t display pricing information on their website, so you’ll need to reach out to the company to get a quote.

12. Orum

Orum homepage screenshot

Like Nooks, Orum is an AI-powered dialer with a sales floor experience feature designed to boost sales efficiency, so reps have more and better prospect conversations.

In addition to filtering out bad numbers and detecting voicemail, Orum navigates phone directories, so reps don’t waste time on non-selling activities.

For voicemail, reps can choose to disconnect or leave a prerecorded message.

Orum offers a free trial you can use to test out the software. Plans include:

  • Launch – A basic plan with unlimited dialing and voicemail drop.
  • Ascend – A more fully-featured package that adds international dialing plus the Salesfloor and Live Listen features.
  • Beyond – An enterprise-level plan that adds Orum’s intelligence features to enrich your data and connect with more prospects.

There is no pricing information available online, but based on reviews, you can expect to pay somewhere around $450/user/month for a basic plan. A demo is required to get additional plan details and pricing.

13. Lavender

Lavender homepage screenshot

Lavender is an AI sales email coach designed to optimize your sales emails through a Chrome extension. You can open the assistant for AI-powered suggestions to improve your score (out of 100) using OpenAI's GPT-3. 

Lavender’s features include:

  • AI email coach – Finds and fixes anything that could reduce your chances of receiving a reply.
  • Personalization assistant – Gathers and displays prospect news, data, and insights, and suggests personalized email introductions, reducing the time reps spend researching prospects.
  • Team email intelligence – Provides managers with data-backed email insights to help with coaching.

Lavender integrates with a variety of sales tools, including Salesloft and Outreach, further streamlining sales reps' outreach efforts and boosting their results.

Lavender offers three plans:

  • Lavender Basic (free) – Includes analysis and personalization of five emails per month, plus Gmail and Outlook integration.
  • Lavender Individual Pro ($29/month) – Includes everything in Basic, plus unlimited emails, personalization, AI emails and recommendations, multi-inbox support, and individual coaching analytics.
  • Lavender Enterprise ($49/month/user) – A team plan that includes unlimited everything, Outreach and Salesloft integrations, team functionality, custom AI scoring, team AI coaching, a manager’s dashboard, granular team insights, the ability to create multiple teams, and priority support.

14. Chili Piper

Chili Piper homepage screenshot

Chili Piper is a scheduling tool that helps sales reps book meetings with prospects faster. Its main features include:

  • One-click booking via email – Embeds suggested meeting times and smart signatures in sales emails to allow prospects to schedule meetings with one click.
  • Automated meeting reminders – Sends meeting reminder emails to prospects to confirm or reschedule a meeting.
  • CRM sync – Logs events to your CRM tool automatically.
  • Chrome extension – Integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, and Salesloft, so that reps can book meetings from anywhere.
  • Customized templates and tags – Simplifies scheduling group meetings without a lot of back and forth.

Chili Piper offers plans:

  • Instant Booker ($15/user/month) – Includes 1-click scheduling over email, no-show and cancellation management, group booking links, unlimited meeting types, and a browser extension to assign meetings from anywhere.
  • Handoff ($25/user/month) – Adds round-robin scheduling based on CRM data or custom routing rules.
  • Form Concierge ($30/user/month) –Includes everything in Instant Booker, plus displaying calendar availability on your website, scheduling meetings from any web form, real-time lead qualification, email and SMS reminders, and real-time lead and meeting routing.
  • Distro ($20/user/month) – Allows you to route and assign leads within your CRM, instantly route and assign leads, trigger routing on field updates or new record creation, real-time lead qualification, routing based on custom fields, round-robin assignment, and lead to account matching.

15. Calendly

Calendly homepage screenshot

Calendly is a popular scheduling automation platform that integrates with your existing Google, Microsoft, and iCloud calendars.

It’s designed to eliminate the back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect meeting time, allowing reps to book more meetings faster, shorten the selling cycle, and close more deals.

Calendly’s features include:

  • Availability – The ability to offer a link or allow invitees to select from times pasted into their email. This feature also enables reps to pre-define their availability for meetings by blocking off time on their calendars for other essential sales activities and internal meetings or coaching.
  • Automated communication workflows – Send reminders and follow-ups via email or SMS to minimize no-shows and cancellations while boosting productivity.
  • Calendar connections – Makes it possible to check availability across multiple calendars when coordinating group meetings.
  • Routing forms – Pre-screen website leads to prioritize the highest-quality leads before scheduling.
  • Meeting polls – Enables reps to poll a group to find the best time for all attendees.
  • Analytics and dashboards – Helps identify popular meeting trends for optimized scheduling and planning.

Calendly offers the following plans:

  • Basic (free) – Includes one calendar connection, one event type to schedule unlimited meetings, a customized booking link, automated event notifications, a Calendly link for your website, and 24/7 help center and email support.
  • Essentials ($8/user/month) – Everything in Basic, plus an additional calendar connection, unlimited event types, group event creation, email reminders and follow-ups, and live chat support.
  • Professional ($12/user/month) – Adds collective event types and routing forms, automated workflows and custom notifications, analytics, managed events, user groups, and admins, customized branding, and more integrations.
  • Teams ($16/user/month) – Adds round-robin event types, Salesforce integration, and managed team events.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing) – Calendly’s most comprehensive plan, adds single sign-on and advanced user provisioning, activity log compliance auditing, data deletion API, expedited support, dedicated onboarding, and security and legal reviews support.

16. Salesken

Salesken screenshot

Salesken is a sales engagement software designed to empower sales teams with AI-driven insights and tools to drive revenue growth.

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Salesken revolutionizes the way sales professionals interact with customers and helps optimize their sales processes.

Whether you're a sales manager looking to boost team performance or a sales representative aiming to close more deals, Salesken offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to supercharge your sales efforts:

  • Improved sales performance – Actionable insights and real-time coaching enable sales teams to enhance their skills, adapt their approach, and close deals more effectively.
  • Enhanced sales coaching – Sales managers are empowered to monitor live calls, offer timely feedback, and drive continuous improvement within their teams, resulting in higher performance and improved revenue generation.
  • Streamlined sales processes – Salesken's AI and automation streamline sales processes, saving time for both reps and managers, while CRM integration ensures data consistency and eliminates manual data entry.
  • Data-driven decision making – With robust analytics and reporting, Salesken enables sales managers to make informed decisions based on sales call performance, deal progress, and customer interactions, driving revenue growth.

Salesken offers flexible pricing options to cater to the varying needs of sales teams. Contact Salesken’s sales team to get a custom quote.

17. SalesIntel

SalesIntel screenshot

SalesIntel is a go-to-market intelligence platform that helps sales, marketing, and RevOps teams easily identify high intent accounts, find contact information for key decision-makers, and grow revenue.

Users get access to key data on B2B buyer intent, technographics, firmographics, location, industry, job level, department, title and more. The platform also offers a real-time prospecting tool you can use to access contact data while visiting a prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile.

With a team of around 2,100 researchers, contacts are re-verified every 90 days. The data includes 100% email coverage for all human-verified contacts, and the highest number of mobile numbers and direct dials in the industry.

Users also get a one-of-a-kind service, Research-on-Demand, for completing specialized contact discovery and verification requests.

SalesIntel offers the following plans:

  • RevDriver ($0/month) – A free Chrome extension that offers 10 recurring monthly credits and .CSV exports.
  • Individual ($69/month) – Offers 2,400 annual export credits per user, access to intent data, and contact & account data including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, direct dials, account firmographics, account technographics, company and industry news and alerts.
  • Teams ($199/month) – Includes everything in Individual, plus 12,000 annual export credits per user and 4,000 enrichment credits.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Offers unlimited credits and unrestricted access to all features.

Get started using inside sales tools

The tools listed above can help your inside sales team save time, boost productivity, accelerate the sales process, and improve collaboration.

Go through the above list and consider your priorities carefully to select the tools that best meet your team’s needs and align with your sales strategies.

Drive sales performance, process adherence, and forecast accuracy
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