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Improve sales performance, pipeline visibility, and forecast accuracy.
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7 Sales Engagement Tools for Better Sales Outreach

Improve sales performance, pipeline visibility, and forecast accuracy.
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A growing team. Increased quarterly goals. The need for more pipeline visibility. There comes the day when every sales development leader reevaluates their current sales tech stack.  

And when it comes to choosing a sales engagement platform, there are endless options. Who has the time to sift through feature comparisons and user reviews when you’ve got a full sales team to keep on track?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s jump into the shortlist of the top sales engagement platforms in 2023.

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The Best Sales Engagement Platforms for Your Team

1. Bloobirds

In the world of legacy Sales Engagement tools, this platform is a breath of fresh air for sales reps. Bloobirds is a sales engagement + playbook platform that intuitively guides reps to convert more prospects into customers. 

Bloobirds sits on top of any CRM to transform it into something your team will actually like using – helping eliminate tedious admin tasks and making sure reps always follow best plays. Help your team flow through their pipeline, all while collecting crucial data and creating competitive insights.

Why Bloobirds stands out:

  • It’s the only sales engagement tool with a real-time, in-app playbook.
  • Specially designed for SDRs responsible for precise prospecting, this platform is ideal for reps in the B2B tech industry.
  • HubSpot users take note: Bloobirds offers native integration with Hubspot to effortlessly match leads, contacts, deals, activities, and processes.
“Bloobirds guides me through the prospecting process and always tells me what to do next. It makes my day easier and more efficient. The best aspect is probably the visual cadence which shows me all my past interactions with a target company, in just seconds.” - Edoardo C, G2 review

2. Hippo Video

Nowadays, prospects are already overwhelmed with hundreds of cold emails in their inbox. So how do you stand out from the crowd, grab their attention, and actually start building relationships?

Hippo Video engagement platform for B2B sales teams might be able to help. It helps reps build relationships with a human touch. Best of all? Its easy-to-use interface takes the guesswork and frustration out of sending a personalized video. 

3. Hubspot Sales Hub

This well-known sales CRM and marketing hub has recently expanded into the world of prospecting. HubSpot now includes sales engagement features, configure-price-quote (CPQ) functionality, and sales analytics for teams of all sizes.

Sales Hub is built on the HubSpot CRM platform, creating a single, trustworthy source of customer data, tools, and teams.

4. Mixmax

Looking for a more agile sales tool? Mixmax doesn’t make you sacrifice flexibility for features. 

This sales engagement platform is made for businesses using Gmail – specifically built for AEs, CSMs, and anyone in a customer-facing role. It helps revenue teams at every stage of the customer journey.  Best of all? You can automate repetitive tasks and organize daily workflows, increasing productivity and empowering reps to focus on what matters.

“We love that MixMax is really user-friendly. It's helped us automate a ton of our emails, and it includes follow-up emails so it's not just a one-and-done. The Open and Click-Rates also help us target which prospects or customers are engaged, so we have more success with those people” Maya B, G2 Review

5. Salesloft

SalesLoft has more than 10 years of experience in sales engagement. Besides sales prospecting, the platform also focuses on both sales acceleration and customer interactions.

It’s a platform for revenue teams to execute digital selling tasks, find deal-specific insights, get coaching, and keep customers engaged. Mainly aimed at enterprise and big sales teams, the tool has a huge array of capabilities for larger teams.

6. Outreach

This legacy platform isn’t only made for sales teams, but also for recruiters. The platform allows you to execute automated sequences across multiple channels and personalize emails based on data.

But what about integrations? Outreach offers native integrations with both Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics. Mainly aimed at enterprise and big sales teams, it helps sales teams get better at effectiveness and revenue acceleration.

“We sleep well at night knowing that every potential candidate is queued up for the next engagement because of Outreach. It is so powerful that we don’t even have to think about it.”

7. Klenty

Klenty helps sales teams perform their outreach tasks across multiple channels, and provides top-notch personalization features. The best of all? Klenty automates the process of switching prospects to different sequences based on their intent. Sales teams can choose specific delivery windows to send their follow-up emails as well.

Klenty also offers deep native CRM integrations. It helps sales teams accelerate their sales process and book more meetings.

Choose the right sales engagement platform for your team

Investing in the right sales engagement platform for your team is one of the best ways to future-proof your sales development strategy. The right tool ensures that your SDRs are focused on the correct task in hand, and that you can use real strategic insights to maximize growth.

Improve sales performance, pipeline visibility, and forecast accuracy.

About the Author

Lucía is marketing coordinator at Bloobirds. She works across different areas such as content generation, lead generation and PR.


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