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10 Sales Enablement Tools for 2023

Guide your reps to Salesforce hygiene & process compliance.
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In today's competitive market, sales success depends on more than just having a talented team. Sales managers must also ensure that their reps have the right tools and resources to succeed.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the best sales enablement tools that will help your sales team close more deals in 2023.

What are sales enablement tools?

Sales enablement tools are software products designed to help sales teams sell more effectively. They help sales reps identify potential buyers, curate relevant content, close more deals, and shorten the entire sales cycle.

Examples of these tools include sales engagement, sales analytics and reporting software, competitive intelligence platforms, and lead generation and nurturing tools. 

Types of sales enablement tools

All sales enablement software can be categorized into several clusters, each with a specific focus and purpose. In this section, we'll explore the five main types of sales enablement tools and what they offer to 

sales teams.

Sales engagement tools

Sales engagement tools integrate with sales communication channels and help streamline communication with potential customers.

They allow sales teams to personalize and automate sales outreach across email, calls, text messages, and more.

Sales content management tools

Sales content management tools help sales teams to organize and distribute sales content quickly and easily.

They enable sales professionals to have the most up-to-date and relevant materials at hand, resulting in more deals being closed over time.

Sales training and coaching tools

Sales teams need access to the latest training and coaching materials in order to stay up-to-date and competitive. Sales coaching tools allow sales leaders to design targeted and customized training and coaching programs, ensuring that each salesperson is receiving the materials they need to excel in their role.

Additionally, these tools can provide real-time feedback and analytics, helping sales leaders track the progress and sales performance of their teams.

Sales productivity tools

These tools help sales teams increase their output and efficiency by automating manual tasks, such as data entry, emailing, and reporting. For example, sales reps can use automation tools to send follow-up emails or schedule meetings with prospects.

Ultimately, sales productivity tools streamline sales operations so that sales reps can focus on engaging leads and closing deals. 

Sales intelligence tools

Sales intelligence tools are designed to help sales teams make better-informed decisions. Examples include sales analytics and reporting software, as well as customer insights platforms. These tools help sales teams to uncover hidden insights about their prospects and buying intent.

With that, you can target the right prospects with the right message and close more deals. 

With cutting-edge sales enablement solutions, you can make sure your team is set up for success. Let’s look at the top sales enablement tools available in 2023.

1. Weflow

Weflow homepage screenshot

Working with Salesforce? Then you’re probably aware of how frustrating it can be to manually update pipelines and log activities, drowning in dozens of open tabs. Or what effort it takes to put together sales analytics reporting.

Weflow makes it easier for sales teams to follow their sales process, aids in sales methodology adoption, and improves discovery, qualification, and handover. Here are some of its main features:

  • Activity tracking and auto-logging – Connected to Salesforce, Weflow tracks sales reps' activities like meetings, emails, notes, and tasks. This reduces repetitive Salesforce busywork and empowers reps to save 5+ hours every week in admin work, all while providing better pipeline visibility.
Weflow properties search
  • Notepad for frictionless handovers – Create and attach a qualification template to Salesforce objects to ensure your sales team has gathered and noted down all the required information about a customer prior to handover.
Weflow discovery call notes
  • Templates for sales process compliance – Make sure your reps follow guidelines when communicating with prospects and stick to your sales methodology.
Weflow templates


  • Add Weflow’s Chrome Extension and auto-sync notes, and create and update records in Salesforce. It’s free for up to 5 users.
  • The Team plan costs $39 per user/month and includes unlimited users, Salesforce fields in notes, shared table & Kanban views, bulk editing, and more.
  • The Business plan starts at $59 per user/month and includes everything in the Team plan plus deal signals, email logging, Salesforce custom objects, and more.
Guide reps to sales performance, process adherence, and pipeline hygiene

2. Gong

Gong homepage screenshot

Gong is a conversation intelligence platform that analyzes sales reps' conversations and reveals hidden insights. It helps revenue teams to understand what talk tracks work best, deliver better experiences, and close more deals. 

Gong’s standout features include:

  • Conversations insights – Get an in-depth look at how your team is performing, from engagement scores to sentiment analysis and customer feedback. For example, Gong highlights the most successful sales conversations, so you can quickly locate winning talk tracks and replicate success.
  • Conversation search – Easily search through your sales conversations and pinpoint the exact moment when your team made a sale. It works with either audio or video recordings.
Gong product screenshot
  • AI-assisted coaching: Leverage AI-powered analytics to identify opportunities for improvement and coach your sales reps. For instance, the platform detects areas where reps could have been more persuasive and offers tailored advice for achieving better results.
  • Automatic transcription – Automatically transcribe sales conversations and gain an overview of how your team is handling customer interactions. Find areas for improvement and discover prospects’ objections and questions.


Gong’s pricing depends on the number of users and features you need. As of 2022, pricing starts at $5,000 (base price) for up to 49 users + $1,600 per user per year, billed annually.

3. Seismic

Seismic homepage screenshot

Seismic is a content management and sales enablement tool that helps drive better user adoption, delivers tailored content experiences, and centralizes customer intelligence. Reportedly, you can win deals 12 days quicker with personalized, data-informed content.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get with Seismic:

  • Content curation – Seismic helps you organize, share, and deliver relevant content to the right users at the right time. From sales decks to product brochures and thought leadership pieces, you can easily curate content in the platform and access it anytime quickly.
Seismic product screenshot
  • Buyer engagement – Seismic’s buyer engagement tools enable sales reps to customize content and tailor messages based on customers’ preferences. It works by leveraging data from marketing campaigns, chats, and emails, allowing you to provide the best customer experience.
  • Insights & analytics – Get actionable insights from the platform to see how content is performing, track KPIs, and measure ROI. With Seismic’s insights dashboard, you can monitor user adoption and engagement, view content usage stats, and more.
Seismic insights screenshot


Price ranges between $384 and $780 per user/year. Contracts are available on an annual basis.

4. Mindtickle

Mindtickle product screenshot

Mindtickle is a cloud-based sales readiness and sales enablement platform that helps revenue teams quickly onboard new reps and continually hone their selling skills. It uses micro-learning, videos, quizzes, and gamification to keep reps engaged.

Here are the platform’s main features:

  • Comprehensive onboarding Mindtickle offers a comprehensive onboarding program to help reps quickly ramp up. It includes videos, assessments, and role-playing exercises that cover everything from product knowledge to sales strategy.
  • Continuous learning The platform provides bite-sized sales training modules that reps can complete at their own pace. It also offers challenges and badges that reward the successful completion of learning activities.
  • Data-driven insights – Mindtickle helps you measure the effectiveness of your training program with data-driven insights. It provides detailed reports and metrics, allowing you to see which activities are helping reps build their skills.


Mindtickle’s pricing varies on the features you’d like to access and the number of users on your account. The final quote per user is between $30 and $50 per month. You should also earmark $3,000 and $5,000 for a one-time implementation fee.

You can get a more precise quote by reaching out to Mindtickle’s sales team.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator landing page screenshot

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a prospecting tool created by LinkedIn that allows you to find leads and build relationships through social selling.

Paid plans provide detailed profile insights and analytics, smart search capabilities, and powerful tracking tools to help sales reps target the right customers and close more deals.

Core features include:

  • Advanced search – Search keywords in profiles, employment history, job titles, and locations to build targeted lists of prospects. You can also get alerted of changes in your accounts, such as new job titles, promotions, and more.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator search
  • Engagement tracking – Track account and contact engagement by seeing who has viewed your profile and what content they’ve engaged with. Also, monitor when leads are active on LinkedIn. Use this data to follow up and build relationships the right way.
  • CRM integration – Link your CRM to Sales Navigator for a more streamlined workflow. This way, you can send contact details to your CRM in a single click and keep track of all interactions in one place.


  • The Business plan costs $45/month. It includes unlimited people browsing and 15 InMails per month.
  • The Sales Navigator Core plan costs $69 per month. It provides you with access to advanced lead search, lead recommendations, and custom account lists.

6. homepage screenshot is a sales intelligence platform that helps you quickly identify and qualify leads, build a strong outreach pipeline, and grow your sales. Here are some of the platform’s most popular features:

  • Data enrichment: Apollo's data enrichment tool automatically gathers and updates information about prospects, including their job title, company, email, and phone number. This information is then used to create targeted and personalized outreach campaigns, increasing the chances of conversion. product screenshot
  • Email automation Apollo provides a powerful email automation tool that helps sales reps streamline their outreach efforts and improve their response rates. With its customizable templates and tracking capabilities, reps can focus on email personalization while the platform takes care of automated follow-ups.
  • LinkedIn Prospector – Get Apollo’s free Chrome Extension to pull emails, phones, titles, and other prospect data right from LinkedIn. Create lists of leads in or send them directly to your CRM.


  • The free plan includes basic features like sending up to 250 emails per day and 10 contact export credits.
  • Paid plans start at $49/month.

7. ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo homepage screenshot

Lead enrichment is a process that helps sales and revenue teams improve the quality of their leads by adding missing information about prospects.

ZoomInfo is one of the leading platforms in this field, offering an extensive database of company and contact information, as well as advanced tools for data analysis and enrichment.

Here are some of the platform’s standout features:

  • A large database One of the key features of ZoomInfo SalesOS is its vast database of over 240 million companies and more than 100 million contacts. This data is constantly updated and verified, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate information available.
ZoomInfo product screenshot
  • Lead scoring and prioritization capabilities – This feature allows users to segment and score their leads based on their likelihood of becoming customers. This helps teams focus their efforts on the most promising leads.
  • CRM integration – ZoomInfo SalesOS integrates with popular CRM systems, allowing for a seamless transfer of contact data and lead details.


ZoomInfo doesn’t disclose its pricing publicly, which means that you’ll have to fill out a form to get a custom quote from the company. With that said, multiple online sources claim that ZoomInfo's pricing starts at $14,995 per year.

8. Salesloft

Salesloft homepage screenshot

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps sales reps create personalized outreach campaigns and manage conversations. It combines powerful automation tools with analytics so reps can focus on building relationships with prospects.

The platform’s main features include:

  • Cadences – Salesloft provides pre-defined sequences to help reps streamline their outreach efforts. These sequences are customizable and easily automated. You can add an endless number of steps, including contacting prospects via phone or through social media.
Salesloft product screenshot
  • Analytics The platform offers detailed analytics that enables sales reps to gain insights into their outreach performance and optimize campaigns for better results. Salesloft also provides real-time pipeline health information, allowing users to track deal progress from start to finish.


Pricing ranges from $125 to $165 per user/month, depending on the Salesloft plan that you go with.

9. Chili Piper

ChiliPiper homepage screenshot

Chili Piper is an intelligent scheduling tool that makes it easy to set up meetings with prospects, get insights into their availability, and quickly book them in an open slot. This enables sales reps to streamline the process of booking meetings and helps to reduce no-shows.

It integrates with popular calendar apps, so users can easily sync their calendars with the platform and stay up to date with their meetings. Chili Piper also provides real-time insights into prospects' availability, allowing sales reps to quickly find a time slot that works for both parties.


Chili Piper offers four plans, with a starting cost of $22.50 per user/month.

10. Vidyard

Vidyard homepage screenshot

Vidyard is a sales video platform that enables sales reps to create engaging, personalized videos for their prospects. It provides tools to record, upload, and share videos, helping sales and marketing teams turn prospects into customers faster.

Vidyard’s standout features include:

  • Sales videos with embedded CTAs – Vidyard makes it easy to record and create high-quality videos with its intuitive video editor, which allows you to add buttons and links to entice viewers to take the next step.
Vidyard product screenshot
  • Analytics Get insight into sales video performance with Vidyard’s detailed analytics. You'll see views over time, duration, who's watching the video, and more. This data helps reps understand how prospects interact with the content and allows them to optimize their video campaigns for better results. 
  • Animated video previews – Vidyard also offers animated video previews to help reps and your marketing team create engaging 3-second GIFs that grab prospects' attention. These previews can be personalized for each recipient.


  • Start for free with Vidyard’s Chrome extension and save up to 25 videos. You can record more videos, but the old ones will be deleted.
  • The Pro plan with unlimited videos, insights, and CTA buttons costs $19/month.
  • To access the Business plan with all the features and customizable CTAs, contact Vidyard’s sales team.

Wrap up

From lead scoring and automated Salesforce data entry and updates to predictive analytics and personalized videos, the right sales enablement tools will enable your team to close more deals faster.

Looking for more great resources to improve your sales enablement strategy and help your sales team perform better? Check out these guides:

Guide reps to sales performance, process adherence, and pipeline hygiene
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