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The 15 Best Salesforce Integrations in 2023

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Looking for ways to supercharge your Salesforce workflow? Check out our list of the top Salesforce integrations in 2023.

1. Weflow

Best Salesforce integration for pipeline management and forecasting

Weflow homepage screenshot

We might be biased, but hear us out.

Weflow is a revenue execution tool literally based in Salesforce.

While we have our own workspace and Chrome extension, we sync everything with Salesforce via API.

So, if you’re looking for a way to boost pipeline management, streamline Salesforce updates, increase sales process compliance, and improve Salesforce data hygiene, Weflow is for you.

The Weflow integration for Salesforce only takes a few seconds to set up. Weflow also has a Chrome Extension that lets you update Salesforce from anywhere, whether it’s the web, Google Calendar, Gmail, or Outlook

Top feature: Users value the combination of Chrome extension and web app functionalities, including our intuitive, spreadsheet-style way of updating the pipeline, our notepad with embedded Salesforce fields, and the admin center to create and manage templates and views for the team. Unlike the other tools on this list, Weflow’s compatibility with Salesforce isn’t just another feature or afterthought—it’s how Weflow was built. 

Other benefits include:

Plans start at $39/user/month.

Unlock Salesforce hygiene with Weflow's bi-directional Salesforce integration

2. ZoomInfo

Best Salesforce integration for lead enrichment

ZoomInfo website screenshot

ZoomInfo is a solution that provides businesses with actionable data about other businesses to improve sales and marketing campaigns and make it easier to reach decision-makers. It also has a native phone dialer tool as well as conversation intelligence, letting you analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails.

Top feature:
See ZoomInfo data and insights right inside of Salesforce without having to click away to a different platform.

ZoomInfo's pricing is not publicly disclosed, but according to various sources, pricing starts at $14,995 per year.

3. Salesloft

Best Salesforce integration for sales engagement

Salesloft website screenshot

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that works in conjunction with Salesforce to help your sales team prospect, sell, and engage with leads, both pre- and post-sale. Bidirectional data syncing automatically keeps leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities updated and accurate across both platforms.

Top feature:
CRM Sync feature gives you one cohesive view of all your sales activity by automatically recording all calls and emails sent in Salesloft as activities in Salesforce. You also have the ability to create call and email sequences for efficient sales engagement as well as A/B test them to optimize for the most effective messaging.

One Salesloft license per user per year starts at $2,000 on an annual contract or $125 to $165 per user, per month, depending on the package. 


Best Salesforce integration for field sales

SPOTIO website screenshot

SPOTIO is a field sales engagement platform that gives mobile sales reps the visibility and real-time data they need to make informed decisions and ultimately improve field sales performance. By integrating SPOTIO with Salesforce, teams can take advantage of auto-logging, automated CRM data capture, and templates for emails, messages, and phone calls.

Top feature:
SPOTIO is mobile-friendly, making it perfect for sales reps out in the field. 

Starts from $39/user/month.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best Salesforce integration for lead generation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator landing page

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to help companies generate sales leads from its huge network.

Its Salesforce data integration lets you see information and insights from LinkedIn, where you're already tracking the rest of your prospecting activities.

This makes sales prospecting easier than ever before, since LinkedIn will give you custom lead recommendations and access to advanced search options to find better qualified leads for your business.

Top feature: Strong filtering capabilities and the ability to create personas for accounts for a quick overview.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month, but you can take Sales Navigator for a spin first with a free trial. 

6. ActiveCampaign

Best Salesforce integration for campaign management

ActiveCampaign website screenshot

ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform that combines email marketing, marketing and sales automation, and CRM tools to give you a holistic view of your customer journey and create a seamless customer experience.

By integrating ActiveCampaign with Salesforce, you can create curated experiences across all channels throughout the customer journey while syncing data between the two platforms to automatically keep your leads and contacts up-to-date. 

Top feature:
Strong automation features are available to help create custom journeys using a drag-and-drop builder.

ActiveCampaign offers a variety of plans, starting at $19/month.

7. Outfunnel

Best Salesforce integration for marketing & sales workflows

Outfunnel website screenshot

Outfunnel syncs your contact lists from your CRM with your marketing automation tool, letting you run automated campaigns.

When you connect Outfunnel with Salesforce, you can choose which contacts are synced over and select custom objects and fields. You can then send out marketing campaigns with the confidence of knowing your lists are always up-to-date.

Just as easily as you can export your CRM contacts to your marketing automation tool, you’ll also be able to import them. For example, if you have a newsletter subscription field on your website, the Outfunnel and Salesforce integration will automatically pull these leads into your CRM.

Top feature:
Pulling lead data from all your different channels into Salesforce gives your sales and marketing teams a single source of truth they can use to make decisions.

Plans start at $49 per month when billed annually. You can do a free 14-day trial of any of their plans before committing.

8. Demandbase

Best Salesforce integration for account-based marketing

Demandbase website screenshot

Demandbase is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform that helps salespeople prioritize accounts based on intent and activity.

It enables sales reps and account managers to access information on prospects from right within Salesforce.

The ABM solution also pulls data from both anonymous and known sources, letting you track engagement across all channels and see exactly where accounts are in the sales cycle at a glance.

Top feature:
Account Intelligence pulls data from your CRM, marketing automation, email, and online chat systems to create a true 360-degree view of accounts, then mines this data for insights and actionable recommendations—including which opportunities to go after first. Save time by eliminating manual importing and exporting of audiences to Demandbase—its integration with Salesforce does this automatically. 

Demandbase's pricing isn't available publicly.

9. Totango

Best all-in-one customer success Salesforce integration

Totango website screenshot

Totango is a customer success platform that drives adoption, retention, and expansion by helping teams manage all post-sales activities.

By integrating Totango with Salesforce, you can pull in all your data along with any other customer metrics from your other platforms to get a birds-eye view of your customers and the ability to take action from within the same platform.

No more jumping between apps to engage with your customers.

Top feature:
Get real-time visibility into customer health so you can take the right actions at the right time to secure or expand your customer relationship. 

Annual contracts start at $249 per month. There’s also a free plan for individuals or startups. 

10. Gainsight

Best Salesforce integration for customer insights

Gainsight website screenshot

Gainsight is a customer success management platform that gives teams visibility into customer lifecycles and interactions, segmentation, reporting, and workflow management.

Its features include the ability to create customized calls-to-action, NPS surveys, and customer health scores.

Gainsight is a powerful addition when integrated with Salesforce, bringing all your customer data together into a single platform.

Top feature:
Simplifies Salesforce reporting by giving a streamlined view in Gainsight Dashboards instead of having to make multiple clicks in Salesforce. 

We couldn’t find any public information on this, so you’ll need to contact Gainsight for pricing information.

11. Freshdesk

Best Salesforce integration for customer service

Freshdesk website screenshot

Freshdesk is customer service software designed to facilitate and improve customer support.

It works by bringing together all your different support channels into a single platform, including messaging, chat, email, phone, and social networks. 

Freshdesk automatically distributes the workload to your team members fairly and helps them keep track of the process and the tickets more effectively. This saves a lot of time and reduces the amount of redundant or repetitive work for your team members while enhancing the customer experience at the same time. 

Top feature:
You can track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels, all from a single inbox.

Freshdesk offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $15/agent/month, billed annually.

12. Asana

Best Salesforce integration for task management

Asana website screenshot

Asana is a project management and collaboration app that helps eliminate silos and increase efficiency among cross-functional teams. Integrating Asana with Salesforce enables sales teams to keep track of projects they’re personally working on or simply waiting on, as well as follow up on projects and tasks. 

Top feature:
Salesforce’s Process Builder feature can be connected with Asana to ensure reps don’t miss critical steps in the sales cycle. 

Asana offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $10.99/user/month, billed annually.

13. Slack

Best Salesforce integration for team communication

Slack website screenshot

Slack is a business messaging app that gives teams easy access to their colleagues—and a much simpler way to communicate than email. You can message anyone inside or outside your organization and collaborate like you would in person. 

When you integrate Slack with Salesforce, you’ll have access to all your Salesforce data from right within Slack, making it easy to quickly share information with team members. You can also set up Slack notifications to be triggered based on Salesforce activities.

Top feature:
Custom notifications alert you right away when specific activities happen in Salesforce, letting you take action faster and keep the momentum going in the sales cycle.

Plans start at $0, so you can get started for free.

14. Google Workspace

Best Salesforce integration for document management

Google Workspace landing page screenshot

If your company relies on a lot of Google apps, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the Google Workspace integrations for Salesforce.

You’ll be able to sync contact information from Gmail, meetings from Calendar, and documents from Drive, right into Salesforce.

This gives you a single, centralized place to view all the different information and documents for a specific contact.

Top feature:
Powerful but easy-to-use interface is popular among businesses and customers alike, making document sharing and collaboration easy.

Plans start at $6/user/month. Free trials are available.

15. VCC Live

Best Salesforce integration for contact centers

VCC Live website screenshot

VCC Live is a cloud-based contact center software that fits the way its clients work. Fully customizable with no user coding required, its platform is equipped with powerful features to help companies easily manage the full scope of their customer communication activities. Serving the industry for 20 years and with over 400 clients worldwide, VCC Live has long been one of the most trusted contact center platforms around.

Top feature:

VCC Live’s Salesforce integration enables contact center agents to make and receive calls without leaving their CRM. This means all customer data is completely synced with the full power of VCC Live’s contact center software. This includes activities such as using the predictive dialer to maximize active talk time, automatic call distribution to route customers to the right handlers, or even transferring callers to other agents — all within Salesforce.


VCC Live’s pricing starts as little as €50/month per user. Even at the lower end of the pricing, users get full campaign management tools for inbound and outbound call handling.

Wrap up

You've reached the end of our list. Take another look and pick a Salesforce integration or two to simplify your workflow.

Unlock Salesforce hygiene with Weflow's bi-directional Salesforce integration
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