Weflow vs Kluster

Weflow is a popular Kluster alternative known for its intuitive interface revenue teams love using, flexible configuration, and a comprehensive Salesforce integration respecting your custom setup out-of-the-box.

Loved by RevOps, revenue leaders, and reps alike

Here's why revenue teams prefer
Weflow over Kluster.

Based on more than 300 reviews on G2.

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Compare key dimensions of Weflow and Kluster

Ease-of-use & adoption
High usage & rapid adoption.
Intuitive interface revenue teams easily adopt and use. Try it yourself for free by signing up now.
"Some of our AEs started using Weflow on their own and it quickly spread throughout the entire revenue team."
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Not easy to use.
Build as an analytics, not workflow tool. Experience is reportedly clunky and not intuitive.
"The UX might sometimes feel a bit clunky."
"It's not easy to use."
"I find that the platform is not designed intuitively."
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Forecasting process
Flexible bottom-up forecasting.
Submit, review, and adjust forecast calls, roll them up, and compare them with your revenue targets, and open pipeline.
"Everything is in one place and easy to edit and usable for forecasting."

"We're better able to report for forecasting."
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Inefficient forecasting process.
Reported workflows are time-consuming and require inefficient workarounds for accurate forecasts.
"The forecast that each of my employees submit does not roll-up into my forecast accurately. I am having to take time to pull each of their reports individually. It just makes it very manually intensive.
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Salesforce integration
Real-time, bi-directional.
Respects your Salesforce setup (permissions, validation rules, custom objects, etc.) out-of-the-box. Syncs with Salesforce in real-time.
"Weflow respects fields, validation rules, and many more."

"Their integration with Salesforce is well-made."
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Manual, one-directional.
Manual field mapping required. Doesn’t support a variety of objects such as products, custom objects, etc.
"Sometimes it takes a bit long for data changed in Salesforce to reflect in Kluster."

"Takes a bit too long to sync with Salesforce (sometimes up to 20-30 mins)."
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Deal execution & insights
Powerful deal insights
Identify deals at risk with deal signals, warnings, scores. Inspect deals from any dashboard and configure alerts to drive action.
"Different Weflow fields (waning fields, activities, etc.) give me better visibility into deals."
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Context missing.
Reps need to jump between Salesforce and Kluster to manage their deals.
"It would be great to be able to drill into the activity around each opportunity to avoid having to jump between systems to know whats going on with a deal."
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Process compliance
Easily guide teams.
Configure templates, automations, profiles, and hierarchies to guide teams to process compliance.
"It was a very simple implementation and the setup of our workflows was straight forward."

"Providing templates in Weflow that reflect our processes has not only elevated sales process compliance and data quality but also boosted the speed of making updates."
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Missing functionality.
Missing configuration and functionality doesn’t allow you to effectively guide teams to comply with your sales process.
"The lack of direct admin capabilities to edit and configure the platform in a DIY fashion is sometimes frustrating."

"Our biggest challenge has been adoption."

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Advanced pipeline management & forecasting

Combine 50+ deal signals, AI insights, and efficient workflows to manage, inspect, and forecast your pipeline.

One tool for the entire revenue team

Revenue Leaders

  • Deliver accurate forecasts
  • Get visibility into deal, pipeline, and forecast health
  • Improve win rates and quota attainment

Revenue Operations

  • Improve Salesforce data quality
  • Run a reliable forecasting process
  • Increase rep and manager efficiency

Sales Managers

  • Submit your forecast calls with confidence
  • Spot deal risks and coach reps to closed-won
  • Compare and drive rep performance

Account Executives

  • Update Salesforce faster
  • Focus on deals that matter
  • Understand deal velocity

Easy to adopt, delightful to use.

Easy implementation

  • 2 weeks time-to-value
  • Configure custom workflows
  • Real-time, 2-way Salesforce sync

Strong adoption

  • Intuitive interface that revenue teams love
  • Pre-built templates for quick adoption
  • Onboarding & training with a product specialist

Enterprise-grade security

  • Automated user provisioning
  • Data encryption at rest and in-transit
  • Security, privacy, and compliance certifications

Respects your custom Salesforce setup

Our deep, API-first Salesforce integration respects your custom logic automatically so you can continue to customize your instance.

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  • Custom fields & objects
  • Field dependencies
  • Validation rules
  • Permissions
  • Flows

Loved by top-performing revenue teams

Benjamin Beivers

CRO, Remerge

We win more deals as we can identify and act on risks early on. This not only feeds into pipeline health, but also makes sure that our forecasts are reliable.

Stephan Novalchuk

Revenue Operations Manager, Preply

Weflow enables users to swiftly manage their pipeline with ease, and much more.

Ian Unsworth

Business Development Manager, MindsDB

I save so much time using Weflow rather than Salesforce directly.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support

Sales Performance Management report,
Enterprise, Spring 2023

Rated #1 for Ease of Use

Sales Performance Management report,
Mid-Market, Winter 2023

Chris Mackinnon

VP of Revenue Operations, Zeotap

We have much better visibility as a management team, our current quarter forecast is always up-to-date, and we are now tracking sales emails and activities a lot better.

Andreas Bodczek

CEO, IDnow

We improved our forecasting accuracy because Weflow syncs pipeline updates from our reps automatically.

Robert Anders

VP, Cremanski & Company

Must-have for every sales tech stack.

Rayson Chia

Revenue Operations Manager, Zeotap

We’ve been using it for a few months now and the AEs absolutely love it.

Marc Ahr

CSO, Bendesk

Spend less time doing (annoying) data entry into Salesforce and be on top of opportunities/tasks to win more deals.

Rated #2 for Ease of Setup

Sales Performance Management report,
Spring 2023

Kole Stanley

Expansion Account Executive, Podium

With Weflow, I close more deals efficiently.

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