Weflow vs BoostUp

Revenue teams prefer Weflow over BoostUp to get better data hygiene, higher adoption, and an out-of-the-box Salesforce integration.

Trusted by top-performing sales teams

Rated #1 for Quality of Support

Sales Performance Management report,
Enterprise, Spring 2023

Rated #1 for Ease of Use

Sales Performance Management report,
Mid-Market, Winter 2023

Rated #2 for Ease of Setup

Sales Performance Management report,
Spring 2023


Usage & adoption
High usage & rapid adoption.
Reps, Managers, RevOps, and Leaders love using Weflow.
"Some of our AEs started using Weflow on their own and it quickly spread throughout the entire revenue team."
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Outdated experience.
Built for leaders with analytics use cases in mind. Not a modern interface reps and managers love alike.
"I dislike the clunkiness of the forecasting module."

"The view of your opps is so hard to follow."
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Process compliance
Configure templates, automations, profiles, and hierarchies to guide teams to process compliance.
"It was a very simple implementation and the setup of our workflows was straight forward."

"Providing templates in Weflow that reflect our processes has not only elevated sales process compliance and data quality but also boosted the speed of making updates."
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Rigid, inflexible.
Missing configuration and functionality doesn’t allow you to effectively mirror your sales process.
"My company has A LOT of filters and it's hard for me to understand what each filter actually means."

"If I have a question on a deal, I can't collaborate with the deal team right within BoostUp."
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Salesforce data hygiene
Better data, better insights.
Weflow automatically syncs all deal and activity data bi-directionally with Salesforce to ensure you have the data hygiene you need to run your sales process.
"With Weflow, data quality has improved massively, allowing us to see exactly what's going on as reps update records in real-time."

"Data cleanliness has improved since more data actually makes it into Salesforce so we're better able to report for forecasting."
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Tool jumping, lost data.
Users need to jump between Salesforce and BoostUp for data entry due to missing Salesforce objects in BoostUp.
"There seem to be some overlaps in terms of where to edit data whether you do that in your CRM or BoostUp."

"Profiles and permissions are not very flexible. A lot of tasks end up being more manual because of this."
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Salesforce integration
Real-time, bi-directional.
Support your Salesforce setup (permissions, validation rules, custom objects, etc.) out-of-the-box. Syncs with Salesforce in real-time.
"Weflow respects fields, validation rules, and many more."

"Their integration with Salesforce is well-made, the UX/UI is very friendly, and it's straightforward to learn and use."
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Incomplete. With syncing issues.
Doesn’t support all Salesforce objects, disregards admin settings (validation rules, permission, new record configuration, etc.) for an incomplete data capturing process. Reported data syncing issues.
"There are sometimes issues with syncing data from salesforce."

"Sometimes boostup has not stored my forecast and I had to go back in and redo it."
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Free trial. Transparent pricing.
Try Weflow for free. Simple, seat-based pricing without any hidden costs. Learn more about pricing.
"Friendly pricing."
"The time to value is quick."
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No free trial. Hidden pricing.
You cannot try BoostUp for free.

Powerful pipeline management & forecasting

Improve your Salesforce data to inspect, analyze, and forecast your pipeline with confidence.

Salesforce data hygiene & process compliance

Without good data, your ability to inspect, analyze, and forecast your pipeline is limited. Weflow combines data entry with analytics and reps love it.

In-line editing
Salesforce logic (validation rules, permissions, etc.)
All Salesforce objects (standard, custom, products, etc.)
Shared templates to guide team to compliance
Activity capture (email logging, activity logging, notes, tasks, etc.)

Loved by top-performing revenue teams

Benjamin Beivers

CRO, Remerge

We win more deals as we can identify and act on risks early on. This not only feeds into pipeline health, but also makes sure that our forecasts are reliable.

Stephan Novalchuk

Revenue Operations Manager, Preply

Weflow enables users to swiftly manage their pipeline with ease, and much more.

Yoni Nijboer

Head of Partnerships, exmox GmbH

Weflow makes it super lightweight to update all our deal-related information in Salesforce, giving reps more selling time and keeping leadership on top of the pipeline.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support

Sales Performance Management report,
Enterprise, Spring 2023

Rated #1 for Ease of Use

Sales Performance Management report,
Mid-Market, Winter 2023

Chris Mackinnon

VP of Revenue Operations, Zeotap

We have much better visibility as a management team, our current quarter forecast is always up-to-date, and we are now tracking sales emails and activities a lot better.

Andreas Bodczek

CEO, IDnow

We improved our forecasting accuracy because Weflow syncs pipeline updates from our reps automatically.

Robert Anders

VP, Cremanski & Company

Must-have for every sales tech stack.

Rayson Chia

Revenue Operations Manager, Zeotap

We’ve been using it for a few months now and the AEs absolutely love it.

Marc Ahr

CSO, Bendesk

Spend less time doing (annoying) data entry into Salesforce and be on top of opportunities/tasks to win more deals.

Rated #2 for Ease of Setup

Sales Performance Management report,
Spring 2023

Christine Hall

Venture reporter, Techcrunch

Reduces the busy work that takes up salespeople’s time.

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Trusted by top-performing sales teams