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State of Forecasting Report 2024

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How this report helps you


By covering a variety of companies, industries, and forecast processes, we can show you if you're on par with other revenue teams.

Better forecast accuracy

We'll analyze what leads to the highest forecast accuracy - and show you exactly how you can get there, too.

Stay on top of forecasting

Is your forecast game on top of things? This report will give you the insights to lay the ground for a modern forecasting approach.

AI in forecasting

To what extent has AI arrived in forecasting yet? And should you make use of it, too? This report will find out for you.

Who is behind this report?

Weflow is an advanced pipeline management & forecasting tool that combines 50+ deal signals, AI insights, and efficient workflows to manage, inspect, and forecast your pipeline. Learn more.

RevOps Co-op is a community of 12,000+ revenue operations professionals that provides you with on-demand expertise, best practice content, and networking events Learn more.