RevOps Lab

RevOps Lab is a podcast exploring the art & science of RevOps. Every week, Janis & Philipp host RevOps professionals to discuss best practices and lessons learned building scalable revenue engines. This show is for everyone interested in processes, tooling, enablement, and strategies to supercharge your GTM play.

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We started this free newsletter to share data-driven insights, best-practices and hands-on knowledge from the best revenue operators in the world. From actionable tips, over insightful reports, to strategic advice. That’s what 1,000+ operators love about it. Written by Philipp & Janis, personally. No spam, no selling.

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RevOps Salary Report 2023

Together with RevOps Co-Op, we collected 850+ responses from RevOps professionals across the world. This allowed us to create a 45-page report looking at compensation by geo, title, seniority, department & experience, and many other variables.

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Bottom-up Forecasting Guide

We created this free bottom-up forecasting guide to help you
run an effective process and get accurate forecasts. The guide covers four parts: forecast meetings, data & method, data collection, and roll-up with practical tips and examples.

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