Sales Productivity

Take control. Protect your time to sell.

With Weflow, AEs & CSMs save up to 5+ h/week on frustrating busy work just to keep the pipeline updated. Get rid of too many open tabs and long page load times. Let reps focus on what they have been hire for: selling and crushing quota.

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More time to focus on selling activities.

Eliminate repetitive Salesforce busywork.

A Chrome Extension built to reduce time-consuming context switching.

Sales Productivity

Stop the admin busy-work

Updating Salesforce is time-consuming and frustrating.

Weflow lets reps quickly update records, look up deal insights and automatically tracks activities like calls, meetings and emails for you.

Deal Execution & Pipeline Management

A Chrome Extension built for Account Executives

Get all the relevant deal information anywhere on the web. Quickly add a note, update a record or log a new activity. Weflow’s powerful Chrome Extension gives you access to Salesforce everywhere.

Pipeline Management & Forecasting

Empower your reps to focus on what requires attention

Weflow’s actionable alerts send automated reminders about missed steps, expired close dates and custom business metrics you care about.

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