Deal Insights & Pipeline Management

Spot deals at risk & see pipeline trends to take action and close more

Weflow enriches your pipeline with signals, insights, and warnings so reps and managers can see risks & trends early to improve quota attainment, win rate, and predictability.

Loved by fast-growing B2B companies

Get clean and reliable pipeline data

Automate activity capture & simplify manual data entry to increase rep efficiency.

  • Auto-sync emails, meetings, and contact data from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365
  • In-line & bulk edit Salesforce records with a fast, spreadsheet-like experience
  • Bi-directionally sync to Salesforce in real-time for all standard, custom, and related objects
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Run data-driven deal reviews

Weflow enriches opportunities with scores, signals, and insights to run data-driven deal reviews instead of relying on 1-1s and hearsay.

  • 50+ signals like multi-threading, next meeting scheduled, closed date pushed, etc.
  • Analyze number of emails sent/received, files exchanges, meetings scheduled with deal activity insights
  • See who and if the right stakeholders are involved with contact insights
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Use warnings & alerts to take action

Focus your team on risks and opportunities to win more deals.

  • Configure warnings based on any Salesforce field, activities, and signals
  • Surface warnings - such as single threaded, no next meeting scheduled, etc. - in pipeline views
  • Send deal alerts via email to trigger actions
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Track pipeline changes

Weflow stores opportunity snapshots and field histories to track pipeline changes.

  • See which deals are new, up-/ downgraded, won/lost, or pushed with waterfalls analytics
  • See how your pipeline develops week-over-week, or month-over-month with pacing
  • Spot gaps in pipeline generation & coverage
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Drive sales process compliance

Weflow provides configurable warnings, templates, and alerts to create sales process compliance.

  • Configure warnings with conditions based on any Salesforce field, activities, and signals
  • Use templates for adherence to stage entry/exit criteria, sales methodologies, etc.
  • Send alerts via email to focus on best next action
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Pipeline management features at a glance

Editable deal grid

Make in-line and bulk edits, synced to Salesforce automatically.

Customizable views

Configure custom view with filters, Salesforce fields, and Weflow's deal signals.

Deal signals

Use dozens of Weflow's deals signals to understand deal health, and configure alerts.

Deal sidebar

See deal insights, activity timeline, related objects, chat, and quick actions in Weflow's deal sidebar.

Deal insights

Track deal metrics, velocity (emails sent/received, meetings, files, and more), and buyer roles to understand deal health.

Configurable deal alerts

Configure deal alerts based on deal signals, activities and any other Salesforce fields to alert reps & managers to take action.

Deal Health Score

Auto-calculate health scores from 0 to 100 for each deal in your pipeline. See what's going well, risks, and suggested actions.

Field change indicators

See field changes for amount, close date, etc. in custom grid views.

Pipeline changes

Understand how your pipeline has changed across previous time periods with waterfall charts. Filter by rep, team, record type, or any other Salesforce field.

Pipeline pacing

Track how your current pipeline is pacing against your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

Performance benchmarks

Track performance by comparing metrics by reps, teams, territories, and more.

2-way Salesforce integration

Or real-time, two-way Salesforce integration respects your entire Salesforce logic (validation rules, etc.) out-of-the-box.

The best Salesforce Pipeline Management alternative

Configure & share views
In-line editing
Deal signals
Deal alerts
Spreadsheet-like experience
Multi-object fields in one view
Configurable warnings
Deal actvity insights
Opportunity health score
High, medium, low
Field history tracking
20 fields per object
Reporting snapshots
2000 rows

Respects your custom Salesforce setup

Our deep, API-first Salesforce integration respects your custom logic automatically so you can continue to customize your instance.

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  • Custom fields & objects
  • Field dependencies
  • Validation rules
  • Permissions
  • Flows

Loved by top-performing revenue teams

Benjamin Beivers

CRO, Remerge

We win more deals as we can identify and act on risks early on. This not only feeds into pipeline health, but also makes sure that our forecasts are reliable.

Stephan Novalchuk

Revenue Operations Manager, Preply

Weflow enables users to swiftly manage their pipeline with ease, and much more.

Ian Unsworth

Business Development Manager, MindsDB

I save so much time using Weflow rather than Salesforce directly.

Rated #1 for Quality of Support

Sales Performance Management report,
Enterprise, Spring 2023

Rated #1 for Ease of Use

Sales Performance Management report,
Mid-Market, Winter 2023

Chris Mackinnon

VP of Revenue Operations, Zeotap

We have much better visibility as a management team, our current quarter forecast is always up-to-date, and we are now tracking sales emails and activities a lot better.

Andreas Bodczek

CEO, IDnow

We improved our forecasting accuracy because Weflow syncs pipeline updates from our reps automatically.

Robert Anders

VP, Cremanski & Company

Must-have for every sales tech stack.

Rayson Chia

Revenue Operations Manager, Zeotap

We’ve been using it for a few months now and the AEs absolutely love it.

Marc Ahr

CSO, Bendesk

Spend less time doing (annoying) data entry into Salesforce and be on top of opportunities/tasks to win more deals.

Rated #2 for Ease of Setup

Sales Performance Management report,
Spring 2023

Kole Stanley

Expansion Account Executive, Podium

With Weflow, I close more deals efficiently.

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