Tracking Updates for Forecasting

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Why this is the best solution

No additional users

Other applications (like Clari) make you add an additional user to your Salesforce CRM. This adds cost and unnecesary complexity.

No API usage

Weflow's managed package takes load of your API calls and makes room for other third-party applications that may be in dire need of using the Salesforce API.


Managed packages can easily be managed by your Salesforce admins. If you ever decide to leave Weflow, you can simply uninstall the package with one click.

Easy to update

You can update packages with just one click. All updates are thoroughly tested in advance so nothing breaks.


Weflow's managed package can be tested in advance via a Salesforce sandbox. While this is generally not needed, it does add an extra layer of safety on top of the already smooth install process.

Ready for the future

Any future updates to Weflow's advanced forecasting and analytics capabilities will be covered via updates to the managed package. There is no extra work for you or your admins.