Operational debt & poor data quality is hurting your business.

Data scattered across too many tools? Low Salesforce adoption hurting data hygiene? Operational debt slowing you down?

Weflow consolidates pipeline management, activity tracking, email logging, note-taking and task management for Salesforce in one modern workspace. Reps become productive and leaders gain pipeline visibility and forecasting accuracy.

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Salesforce Data Hygiene

Improve Salesforce
data quality

Weflow auto syncs rep activity to Salesforce - from pipeline inline edits, meeting notes, activity logs, chatter, to email logging.

Field dependencies, validation rules, custom flows, and user permissions work out-of-the-box.

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Sales Process Compliance

Make it easy for reps to follow the process

Standardize your process with templates for discovery, qualification, pipeline reviews, and forecast meetings.

Weflow makes it easy for reps to follow sales methodologies like MEDDIC, BANT, CoM, etc., and provides automations & alerts to drive process compliance.


Automations to take action

Automations alert your reps about to-dos to get deals done and follow the process.

Get rule-based notifications delivered to Slack or the Weflow Inbox.

Sales Productivity

More time to sell

Weflow makes it efficient for reps to update Salesforce, and find information quickly while automating activity tracking.

Increase the selling time of each rep by 13-19%.

Salesforce Setup

Works with Salesforce out-of-the-the-box

Weflow respects validation rules, field dependencies, permissions, flows, etc. to ensure you can keep customizing Salesforce while your reps use Weflow.

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We don't store your Salesforce data

Enterprise-grade security to ensure your data is safe.

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Enterprise bank-grade encryption
No Salesforce data is stored on Weflow's servers
Access to Salesforce records is controlled by your permissions
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