We started Weflow with the vision to advance digital sales. Building and leading the revenue team at Fyber, we've observed the rise of Salesforce and how digital sales has become the new normal. Experiencing this disruptive shift, we asked ourselves: what makes revenue teams most successful in a digital sales world?

We've been interviewing hundreds of Account Executives in the last couple of months and always heard the same story:

We lack time. We're way too busy, constantly multi-tasking, switching between emails, meetings, and admin tasks to move deals forward. We need more time!

From our own experience, we knew many friends and colleagues in sales felt as if the majority of their time was not spent on selling but rather focussed on admin tasks, research, and follow-ups. Research found out sales professionals spend 2/3 of their time not selling.


Most Account Executives we know derive energy from people and yet, spend time with tasks they don't enjoy and which we believe should be either automated or a lot faster to complete. While there is an abundance of sales tools, productivity tools are scarce. Instead of making the job easier, most tools often add to the pile of work keeping us from selling, customer conversations and ultimately winning deals.

If the following problems seem familiar, let's chat:

  • Updating Salesforce is slow and cumbersome
  • Getting lost in too many tabs
  • Copy-pasting data entries slow you down
  • Difficult to engage your audience during video meetings
  • Little time to prep or follow-up on meetings
  • Meeting notes and recordings all over the place
Learn why Weflow is the #1 revenue platform

For years, we've been passionate about digital sales as it enables us to work from anywhere and create partnerships with people from everywhere.

As a consequence, we decide to found Weflow with the mission to make revenue teams more successful by creating great experiences and unlocking productivity. We designed Weflow with revenue professionals in mind spending most of their day in meetings, email & Salesforce. Our product is built to save time, close more deals, and outperform quota with the vision to advance digital sales.

Big thanks to our team for joining our journey and making it a lot of fun. And to everyone who provides us with feedback to help craft our product.

Sign-up for early access to check out our product and let us know what you think. We look forward to working with you!

Let's go!

Henrik & Janis

Why we're building Weflow

May 15, 2023
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